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  1. I strongly recoment using coper remover when cleaning. I cleaned my r1 for the first time the other day after 40 rounds. I can not tell you how many masses it took to get all the fouling out. The 2 other rifles I cleaned at the same time (300 rem ultra mag and 7mm stw ) had many more rounds through them and not near the copper buildup.
  2. I use a coin on my r-1 if I do not it will come loose
  3. well.. . I was able to shoot my r-1 for the first time this past weekend. I am very impressed with this gun. At 100 yards I had all four rounds touching each other in spread of about 3/4 of an inch shooting form a bench without a rest. The recoil is very light. I shot 40 rounds and didn't really notice it at all. The only problem is the barrel nut. It comes loose after just a few shots. The person I bought it from sent it back to Benelli and they replaced the nut and made a few adjustments but it still comes loose. I think I will send it back again. I was a little worried when I sa
  4. I bought one chambered in 30-06 last night. I am going to pick it up tonight I will let you know what I think of it after I shoot it. I would have preferred the 300 but got too good a deal to pass up, and since the barrel is interchangeable I can switch at some time. Matt [email protected] Here is a review I found. http://www.gunsandammomag.com/long_guns/benelli_1027/
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