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  1. I figured it out... forget about the dealers or REPS... worthless... went straight to the source, got my issues finally addressed. I called the 301 # and talked to customer service. Dealers all gave the run around 4-6 months... whatever. I still have no idea of any rep in my area. (maybe a good opportunity for someone). Once I contacted the source... 2 days to get it resolved. Lesson learned ... skip the middle men morons and go to the source. (this was done before your reply hattles - but thank you). I wasted almost a whole week with incompetent dealers.
  2. No one knows this ???? admins, Benelli ??? Starting to really doubt my purchase.
  3. Looking for a Benelli rep in MN... can you help me please?


    Thank you

  4. looking for a benelli rep in MN... can you help me ? Thank you.

  5. IF you are a Benelli rep for MN. please contact me ASAP! or does anyone know the name and number of the rep for MN. THANK YOU!
  6. olbaidHH

    SBEII shims

    Flip the shim over how? top to bottom or side to side...?
  7. olbaidHH

    SBEII shims

    Is there a different cast and shim for a left handed shooter. I didnt know there was a difference in left and right?
  8. olbaidHH

    2 SBEII ?'s

    I am going to go with the right handed then ... I ahe shot my friends and there was no problems with the spent shells. It is easier to laod for me as well since I am used to loading a righty. I will switch out the safety ...Not usre about the cast and shim for a left handed shooter. I didnt know there was a difference in left and right? I will order a gel pad now might get here in 2 YEARS!!!
  9. olbaidHH

    2 SBEII ?'s

    1. How soon and where on earth can i get a left handed confortech gel pad 2. can i switch the saftey around to be left handed? is it easy? I am tired of waiting for my left handed model I have had on order since NOVEMBER!!
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