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  1. Sporting guns ar eused for mostly trap, skeet, and sporting clays but can be used when bird hunting. They ususally have higher ribs and recoil reducers.
  2. almost forgot go to shootata.com for tips, tricks, snd products for trap shooting.
  3. Do you shoot skeet and trap at a club or range? if you do ask around and see if anyone has a gun for sale. You should be able to get a good deal. I recently bought a bt-99 with adjustable comb and recoil reducer for $650. Also trap and skeet guns are very different which on will you be shooting the most?
  4. my advise would be to buy a thrower from a sporting goods store $15-30 and then talk to the people at the range and check the bulletin boards(if they have on) and you can usually find a great deal on a great gun.
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