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  1. One pin is all. Remove pin with a punch pull down and back on trigger gaurd. Spray with carb cleaner, oil lightly and wipe off. You are good for another four years.
  2. I hunt pheasent and grouse in SD and ND. I shoot a benelli 20 and use Winchester XX 3" dram eq of 3, 11/4oz and vol 1185fps #6 shot. If the wind is over 30mph I use #4 shot. If the wind is over 40mph I use a 12 ga. I have good results with this formula.
  3. Send them back to the factory or have your dealer send them back. I sent two SBE1s back they recieved them on 9/9/04 and repaired them shiped out on 9/16/04. All warrenty
  4. Kent Impact is tungsten matrix and does act like lead (some what) and is a good shell. I use it in vintage fowling pieces instead of Bismuth. In newer shotguns I prefer Hevi-shot , and for waterfowl a choke with 700 consriction and shot load of 1 1/2 oz. The reason Impact workes like lead is polymer mixed with the tungsten. Other tungston alloy are not as soft. I have found no other shot that patterns as well as Hevi-shot .!
  5. Tunsten is harder than lead. Hevie Shot is tungsten-nickel iron alloy. Both are harder than lead or steel. Try SBE11 mod tube. If you don't like it call Rob roberts at Ballistic Specialties 800-276-2550 or go the web www.angleport.com
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