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  1. I've owned a number of shotguns of differing barrel length, and my personal preference is for 30" barrels for clays and for dove and duck. For upland work, I do like a shorter barrel, but only about 26". I used to have a 22" BPS Upland Special and it was fast on the going-away shots, but terrible for swinging. Shoulder both and go with the one that feels best to you - for me it was the 30". But I also shoot a Wingmaster with a 30" barrel, so I may be biased.
  2. mjhdo1


    Bought one two weeks ago. LOVE IT! I agree with cutler686 that it is expensive, but I'm hooked on it! Love the 30" barrell, and the longer forearm. Shoots just like a SuperSport, but I like this stock much better. I can shoot boxes of shells through it and feel great! Also, it hits what I aim at!
  3. Do a search for "benelli thumb" and you should find a thread about this, and a solution. I cannot remember if it is on this forum or on Shotgunworld.com. But there is someone out there making a replacement carrier which does not pinch. I've just learned to bend my thumb at the knuckle to avoid this. Good luck. MARK
  4. Oops - I forgot, in my last post, to redirect the initial query back to the recoil spring issue, so I'll pose the question again: Has anyone tried shortening or swapping out the recoil spring in their SBEII or M2 in order to shoot lighter loads and cycle them reliably? Does anyone know if the SBE1/M1 springs, and their available aftermarket replacements (e.g. Surecycle) will work in an SBEII or M2? Thanks! MARK
  5. Chief79 - thanks for the link, but it specifically does not mention the SBEII or M2, only the SBE(1) and M1 Super 90. I wonder if the SBE1 reducer will work in an SBEII? Will it even mount up? Wallhanger54 - I think I understand your point, and it is better considered by people with a better understanding of physics and math than I. If it is true that a recoil reducer would prevent the recoil-operated action from performing, then how does the SBE1 continue to function with a recoil reducer installed? And true, I can always shoot "pee dab loads" through my O/U or Nova pump, but I r
  6. Does anyone know if Benelli (or anyone else) makes a recoil reducer for the SBEII or for the M2? Also, can I get a light load spring for my SBEII so my wife can shoot 2.75 dram 1 oz. target loads with it? Thanks! MARK
  7. I don't know which gun your daughter is shooting, but if it is an SBE2 or M2, there is supposed to be a shorter recoil pad available, which just snaps into place of the old one. According to their website, the 20 ga. Nova is also available with a shorter recoil pad, but I have not been able to find out any more information about this.
  8. mjhdo1

    SBE 2 owners

    The new ComforTech stock of the SBE2 and M2 makes a big difference, but it is true that gas operated semi-autos will usually have less felt recoil. Since recoil is important to you, I doubt you would want to shoot 3.5" shells. Therefore, you should consider the M2, which has all of the features of the SBE2 except the ability to shoot 3.5" shells and a mid bead (which you can have added for about $50 at a gunsmith shop).
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