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  1. did you tighten the stock to tight and thats why it will not fit in. I had a buddy that did that. back the 11mm off a little and see if that works. I belive its an 11mm if not its 13mm, its the nut under the shoulder pad. Same place you adjust the shims. i belive its only suppose to be 22lbs to torque(sp?). RG
  2. I'm with BLKLABMAN they are a hunting gun. I do shot sporting clays with my SBE and SBE II light loads #7.5 1oz. i have had no problems with jams. Yes i did shot some heavy loads through like you said but not 100 rounds. maybe 50 rounds of 3in #1's while duck hunting. no problems since. GOOD Luck RG
  3. ande1497

    sbe vs sbe II

    i have both SBE and SBE II. they feel the same and i shot them the same. I also hunt waterfowl, upland and shot 2 sporting clay leagues each year. I will notice a sore shoulder after 2 rounds (100 shells) of sporting clays. I also wear a T-shirt when i shot sporting clays. Both guns are amazing for the price you pay. the only thing i did with my SBE is i put a stainless steel recoil spring and magazine spring to prevent rusting, i dump my gun in the water alot. i'm hard on both of them and they have never failed me. good luck. RG
  4. I'm a single shot hunter, when it comes to big game. i love the Thompson Center Encore you can use it as a .50cal blackpowder, or change the barrel out from a .22 to a 375 h & h. You only get one shot with the encore. It all comes down to what you want and what you need. if you want an all around good elk gun buy a 30-06 they are a good all around gun and there alot of them. RG
  5. welcome to the forum. RG
  6. ande1497

    How many of you

    Yes, SBE slug barrel with the open sights. RG
  7. My new sbeII is scuffed also but no dings. i on the other hand beat the **** out of the gun and put it through every extrem you can think of. I have no clue on what to do to safegaurd the barrel. Its a gun use it, who cares what it looks like as long as its doing its job. As long as you clean it and take care of it, it will last a long time. You could always buy a used barrel for hunting and use the new one for trap and show. Otherwise the gun is going to get scuffed. RG.
  8. we use extensions all the time in MN. When you hunt the metro goose you need the extension to reduce the noise. They are great for hunting those areas where people complain about us shooting. Its a nice piece of work to keep everyone happy. RG
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=73955&item=7108232654&rd=1 I just saw this one on ebay. I don't buy major gun parts on ebay but here is the only one i've seen. RG
  10. ande1497

    SBEII safety

    Thanks for all your help. I'm already on top of it. RG
  11. I like the MOD choke, i shoot alot and i'm a fairly good shot. I shoot all my sporting clay leagues with IC. average score with IC is 41 out of 50 with MOD its 32 out of 50. When i bring friends out duck or pheasant hunting i have them shot IC a little bigger pattern and i find they hit more birds. The MOD is a fairly tight pattern but its nice when that pheasants out there at 50 yards on your third shot. If you cant hit the birds with the MOD try the IC for a box or two. I know alot of people who will never shoot the MOD after shooting birds with the IC. I don't know much about the Winchester
  12. ande1497

    SBEII safety

    My SBEII safety is tough to push in and out. Has anyone experienced this or recommend a way to fix the problem? I have used the gun 8-10 duck hunting trips and just got back from my second North Dakota trip and its still tough. I've tried oil and cleaning it over and over nothing seems to help. For those of you heading to ND have fun, i've hunting the last 8 of 12 days out there and killed the pheasants. Another great year in ND. Later RG
  13. WOW! i've put my SBEII through the ringer and have not had the recoil pad fall off. I don't know what to tell you except that it must not of been a perfect fit. Did you clean the gun the night before and not put it on all the way? I would call customer service and see what they can do. Its worth the phone call. I would not put a screw in the stock you might regret voiding the warrenty in the future. Good luck RG
  14. ande1497

    SBE Cleaning

    thanks threeshot and Drundel. This helps alot. I'm hard on my stuff but thats why i try to buy the best out there. I have dunked both my SBE's in the marsh, unloaded them dumped the water out, reloaded them and kept hunting with no problems. I feel they are a tough gun and can handle anything. Maybe i'm using the wrong gun for this enviroment but they work. I hunt on a floating bog, it takes 1.5 hrs just to get to the blind without a boat. There is no way to bring a boat into the area. just about every other step you sink to the top of your chestwaiters. You all know between the gun, am
  15. ande1497

    SBE Cleaning

    What is recommend for cleaning the SBE. I do alot of waterfowl hunting and the gun gets sumerged just about every outing. I've heard you can rinse the SBEs off with a water hose is this true? What lub should i be using for the barrel and chamber. Advice would be helpful. thanks RG
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