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  1. Chief 79

    Shim Kits

    Thanks for your input Guy. I was thinking it was a trial & error experiment. I guess I have to plan some time at the range to really get the feel of the adjustments to decide which to use. I had a Rem 870 and could kill birds pretty consistently. I'm going to try to match the measurements of that gun with the SBE. Hopefully, I can find something close. The shim kit with the SBE only came with A, B, & C, but the manual give the specs for each shim. I did change it once & it is easy, now I need to see how each setting works. Thanks again! John
  2. Chief 79

    Shim Kits

    I bought my SBE in Sept, 04. It came with 3 shims. Has anyone had any experience with changing the shims. I understand the process is easy, but, how do you measure the proper fit? In the accessories page of the web site there are shim kit ComforTech & Standard kits, but both state for use with ComforTech butts. Is this a type? Am I limited to the shims which came with my gun? TIA John
  3. I am following up with my dealer to see if they can get it any faster. Tucker301, I forgot about eBay. Thanks. DiamondK, thank you for your offer. If the dealer has no luck, I'll drop you a note.
  4. Chief 79

    SBE Sights

    Thank you both for the replies. It has been a few weeks since my last outing but I found time this past weekend. I examined the existing sights and realized my front sight already is a orange fiber optic, though small in length, Again, thanks for your time and input! John
  5. I had a problem with my modified choke tube since I bought my SBE in September. The notches were not cut properly and my choke wrench can only engage 2 of the 4 notches properly. All other tubes are OK. I called and email Benelli customer service which responded by placing an order for a replacement tube back in October. I have yet to receive the replacement tube. I called today and they still said it was backordered. Is this normal for an item to be backordered for 4 months now? I stopped by the dealer where I bought the gun and they said they can try to order one as they didn't have th
  6. Chief 79

    SBE Sights

    I have a SBE camo with beaded sights. Can anyone recommend glo-sights (fiber optic) to replace the stanrd beads? Also, does the bead srew out from the vent. rib? I did search on this topic and found a link to Marble’s Extra-Lum “Expert” shotgun beads which shows a threaded base. How hard & what tool is best to remove the standard steel bead from my SBE. I'm mostly using the gun for wing shooting (crow, dove, turkey) and hope to do some skeet shooting. Any other recommendations? Thanks John
  7. $1090 sounds like a reasonable price for the SBE. I paid that for the camo. Cabellas had the same listed for $1090 recently with a $50 rebate. Not sure if the rebate was Benelli or Cabellas.
  8. OK, here's the deal - forget the 24" or 26" debate. how about the 32" barrel extension. The first time I saw this, I thought it was a joke. Who would ever use this? Hastings® "Metro" Barrel Extension [ 10-20-2004, 08:25 PM: Message edited by: Chief 79 ]
  9. You should see where I roam in crow season!
  10. Here's some info which explains it concisely: Barrel Lengths Contrary to some opinions, longer barrels do not shoot "harder" or "further" than shorter barrels. Barrel length is really a matter of personal preference and often depends on terrain and the type of game you are hunting. Generally, longer barrels aid in pointing and are often preferred for pass shooting waterfowl and shooting targets such as skeet, trap and sporting clays. Shorter, more compact barrels can provide faster handling and are often chosen for hunting upland birds, turkeys, deer with slugs and buckshot.
  11. Recoil reducer can be found here: http://www.benelliusa.com/firearms/accessories.tpl
  12. I changed from a Rem 870 Express to a SBE, not a II. The recoil is much less given my measures for 2.75" with full chokes. I haven't shot any 3" or 3.5" but they will recoil regardless! Benelli uses inertia, not gas, Remington uses gas. If you're using the SBEII there is an optional mercury recoil reducer, may be something to check into, but only for synthethic stocks. Benelli Accessories John [ 10-14-2004, 05:24 PM: Message edited by: Chief 79 ]
  13. Well, I gave them a call & they are shipping a new tube for me. Didn't have to wait more than 2 minutes. Thanks all, for the feedback! TC: Lansdale, PA. I hunt throughout Montgomery & Bucks county, almost year round. I also have a hunting club membership in the Poconos (Marshalls Creek, Monroe Cnty). Maybe I'll see you in the woods some day!
  14. I sent an communique from this site yesterday. I was going to call them but forgot to take the number and my serial number with me to work. From reading other posts about their customer service, I shouldn't have any problems . Thanks John
  15. New SBE owner. I took the gun to the range this weekend to get a feel and pattern my shots. I discovered that the Modified choke tube notches do not line up properly for the wrench. It's the only tube of five which the wrench does not fit. I looked and compared the notches and they do not appear to be in the 3,6,9,12 o'clock position. The 6 is slightly off, the 9 and 12 look close together than 3 & 6. I checked the forum but only found a few hints, most of which indicate that a new wrench will be shipped. I don't think in my case it's the wrench, rather a bad cut choke tube.
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