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  1. Originally posted by siskr:

    Mr. Mudhen Sir,


    It seems to me that any adjustments made to the gun behind the barrel and chamber would have minimal, if any, POI effect when using the 2 beads attached to said barrel for sighting.

    Theoretically it makes sense. If you fix the gun in the vise, you don’t need any shims or stock at all. But I really respect experienced people’s practical opinion, and maybe in real-life situation it makes difference and Mudhen knows what he’s saying. Let’s wait to see the article.
  2. Originally posted by Cleric:

    Music was much better when he was with the other fellows also. His stuff now sounds like he is a bit past the prime of his musical career.


    Perhaps that's why he's resorting to blatantly politically-fueled lyrics to sell albums. Regardless of what you feel, the title of the song "Let's Impeach the President" is just a bit more obvious that I care for. At least try to disguise your political message in a carefully constructed metaphor. Sheesh... some people.

    Good point. I agree 100%. No doubt, he was better with Crosby, Stills & Nash. Better arrangements and polyphonic vocal. Now, he sucks regardless of his lyrics.


    Concerning the particular song, I think it p… off some people because it’s a shame to be dipped in the s… by a foreigner, especially when you know he is right.

  3. Finally I got the answer from Benelli about the "improved" (4.5 lbs) trigger pull on the new R1’s.

    Here it is:

    Nothing has been changed in the trigger group of the R1 since it was introduced. They are a 2 stage trigger and average between 5-6 lbs. If yours is 7-8lbs, call our customer service and get a RA# to send it in and we will take a look at it.


    [ 05-03-2006, 01:11 AM: Message edited by: garren ]

  4. Originally posted by Geno:

    We Americans are used to our cars, trucks, SUV's and the freedom to travel-that's what we work for and now as the middle class is sinking further downward this is in jeopordy and I'm more than PO'ed. How about you??

    Unfortunately, it will never be the same again. Before, we worked for living and now we live to work so somebody else can live. Actually, as always, but now it’s just too noticeable.
  5. Originally posted by pdw4137:

    Garren, What percentaage of that cost per gallon is tax? I haven't lived in NY since '81, but I do remember that, even then, the tax on fuel was fairly steep in comparison to other states

    Year ago it was 70 cents per gallon, don’t know how much is now.


    [ 04-20-2006, 03:13 PM: Message edited by: garren ]

  6. Sh..t. It looks like we are living in different countries :confused:

    Official version is: “concerns over Iran’s nuclear plans and civil unrest in Nigeria have led to record-shattering prices of oil”. I must add – …in 5 borrows of NY City. That’s the price you have to pay for loving your city :(

  7. Originally posted by clayflingythingy:

    I would really like Benelli to offer a pump rifle modelled on the Nova with detachable box magazine in 223 REM and 7.62X39. I think it would make a great P/U, barn, and self defense gun. Anyone else like to see one?

    No, but I would like to see R1 chambered for big game cartridges (9mm and up). You pick one: 338 Win, .375 H&H, .340 Weatherby, .350 Remington.
  8. There are different types of leases; land leases from 1 to 3 years, for season or daily hunting. Price range differs from state to state and type of hunting. You need to find/contact Landowner or Lease manager in state you are planning to hunt. Check it on web, there is a lot of information about it.

  9. Jim, I wish you are right about Hornady. I got 20 boxes of it smile.gif . But I’m not so sure about outing yet. Do not exclude possibility of luck. I’ll post the Federals results when I’m ready, but as I always said – one doesn’t have to rely on somebody’s ammunition choices and results. You need to find the right/preferable ammos for your rifle by yourself. You were impressed with Tucker’s grouping, but he, as I remember, uses Remington ammos and mine, on the contrary, doesn’t like Rem. ammunition at all. So, I don’t think that anybody, even Benelli can recommend the right load for a particular rifle. Again, you have to do some tests yourself. It’s time consuming, some time disappointing, but finally your efforts will be rewarded.

  10. Well, I tried to get the maximum benefit from today’s sunny day and went to the range to test some new loads. This time, I added Winchester Silvertip to my primary choice of ammo (Hornady). Can’t say that it was the best result I managed to get from my R1, but I think it was considerably accurate at 100 yard distance for an autoloader. Next week I’ll compare these two with the Federal ammos and then finally will adjust my scope.




    Another thing - usually while sighting, I’m cleaning the rifle after 10~20 shots, but today I decided to push it a little bit harder to see how it will act without my help. In two hours, I put 60 rounds through it without any jamming and cycling problems.

  11. Originally posted by Cleric:

    Well, to this board's credit, this isn't exactly what I would call a shining example of what you normally see around here. This is more of a pissing match and less of a thread. Why not start a new thread about turkey hunting and let this one die?


    This is entertaining, but entirely too punitive to give anyone some credit. If you need to verbally assault one another, do it through private messages. I really don't need to read your bad attitudes.

    Well said, Cleric.
  12. Originally posted by Jim630:

    Finally saw a Comfortech 300 WSM. Very nice gun. This gun had a materially better trigger than the 30.06 I saw at Cabelas, but still not great. I had a gunsmith look at it as well. The trigger weight was 4.5 lbs. For $50 bucks he felt he could make it smoother, and get the pull under 4 lbs. He said that there were limits to what could be done for various technical reasons, but that he could make it noticably better. He thought he could reduce the pull by 1/2-3/4 pounds.


    The gunsmith also commented on how much he liked the gun for an automatic.

    It would be very interesting to know the outcome. Please keep us updated.

    How certain are you in the trigger pull difference between the rifles and is 30-06 at Cabela’s Comfortech too?


    [ 03-25-2006, 10:14 PM: Message edited by: garren ]

  13. If your primary goal is upland hunting and weight/recoil is a problem for you, you may consider the new M2 Field Comfortech -20ga. Less recoil, weight – 5,7lbs. But I have no idea when it will hit the shelves.

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