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  1. Guys, I’m planning to sell my Pelican 1720 case (no place to keep it in the apartment) and because it already has foam cut off for R1, I thought it would be a good idea to inform you first. Specs could be found here: http://www.pelican-case.com/1742rica.html Asking price $165 + s/h from NY. I may consider a package deal too (Rifle + case). see: http://www.visualexpression.com/R1.jpg R1 .30-06 / VX-II Leupold 3-9 x 40mm scope / open rifle sights / 2nd magazine (cap. 4) Price $1450 + FFL to FFL: $45.00 transfer fee + $20.00 Ground Shipping + Insurance. Email me if you have
  2. Great, lively story, Steve. I really enjoyed reading it.
  3. garren

    Merry X-Mas!

    Merry Christmas and best wishes to you all !!!
  4. ...and you're welcome too
  5. Look here and thank Tucker301 http://www.benelliusa.com/forums/ultimatebb.php/topic/5/58.html
  6. garren


    Yes, it’s built based on the R1. What do you mean by R1 reliability and by what criteria are you going to compare them? Accuracy ? Range ? One has 22~24inch barrel, another just 12 inch barrel. Cycling? R1 has 3~4 shot magazine, very sensitive to fouling and doesn’t cycle well time to time. I’ll wait to see more reviews before relying on 10 ~ 30 shot Argo system.
  7. You’re asking for help, but you’re not listening. Well, mine likes very much Hornady custom ammo (150gr – 165gr), Winchester ammo and some Federals. Don’t like Remington ammo at all, but I believe, yours might like it very much. Please, don’t blame me, if it turns out I have been wrong.
  8. Tucker, I know you can do better than that... but, just wait till I get one to myself to compete with you gfyoung3, Truly, I don’t care if anybody badmouths the R1 or any brand name rifle. Obviously, not everyone can be happy or meet the expected results from a given rifle. You have to take under consideration several factors, such as scope quality, ammo and shooter himself. I’m not going to discuss trigger pull here (it’s not good but I’m used to it). Now, take out one of the factors above and you will have what someone can brand as a bad rifle. I’m lowering the plank and trying t
  9. Well said, Tucker. That would be grate if we could sticky this post on top, so that every new comer doesn’t have the same questions and complains. Guys, no offence, but I’m seeing the same complains over and over again for last two years. I really do not understand why, if you are really like R1 and invested money into it, didn’t check early posts? There is a search option on the forum. Firs of all that will give you the picture and time for thought, and save you from frustration, not to mention money. Autoloaders are designed for fast shooting where 2” ~ 4” off the center at 100 yards is can
  10. Very good. Is it consistent? I would like to compare this one with your worst result (with same ammo used, and same rifle of course). I checked your R1’s target post with results at 100 yard. They are quite comparable. Can’t help myself not to bite you The closest range to me (20miles) is closing its doors in December. Another open range is almost 40 miles away. No joy at all
  11. I don’t know if the “HP” in your post stands for “High Power” or not, but if it does, the R1 does not like them. Though it is auto regulated, it isn’t designed for Hi power loads. Actually that concerns any autoloader.
  12. I like it very much, Tucker. I did not want to tell you before to not upset you, but I did not like the aesthetical look of the original stock. This looks much better, though I don’t know about pistol grip. Is there any functional differences? Patiently waiting for range reports.
  13. It depends which scope you’re talking about. Nikon has Prostaff 3-9x40 scope, designed for shotguns, but for a shotgun, I personally would use something with a parallax free, 1.5x 4~7 magnification. BTW, for slugs, first zero your gun at 50 yards before moving further away. [ 08-21-2006, 10:17 PM: Message edited by: garren ]
  14. garren

    Cool benelli ad

    Thanks, Duggan It might be old news, but I always like to see it again. I call it Benelli Reverdance. Really cool beat.
  15. Originally posted by tucker301: Here's what the funds from the sale of my R1 brought me yesterday. Beautiful! It looks very compact, but compared to ammo boxes, it must be at least… 42”? If not the state laws, I probably would like to have one too, but not instead. Hope this one will meet your expectations, traitor . I’ll be waiting for your target posts. [ 08-01-2006, 06:08 PM: Message edited by: garren ]
  16. Doubtful, not with this team, and not with this coach, but let’s hope so. [ 06-14-2006, 12:18 PM: Message edited by: garren ]
  17. Wow, I'll say for 500 yards. Nice shootin! [/QB] I would say very good shooting for 500 yards with 22-250 [ 06-05-2006, 12:46 AM: Message edited by: garren ]
  18. garren

    SBE trouble...

  19. garren

    SBE trouble...

    From which end eggs must be broken, before we eat them? Guys, you’re starting to remind me the heroes from “Gulliver's Travels”. Obviously, you both are adamant in your believes. You both made your point and we read it several times. HH, you are right, I do mean it, but I’ll go with Mudhen on this one because he’s “practically” right. Just drop this subject, please.
  20. In some places you have to follow the dressing code. If you don't agree or feel uncomfortable you should find another place to hang out. If bar’s policy doesn't permit guns on their territory, you must respect their rights, but however, if somehow you sneaked in, everything said above is right. [ 05-24-2006, 02:29 PM: Message edited by: garren ]
  21. Hypothetically/logically: If by the state law you have rights to carry on a gun, I don’t think a single bar’s policy should have a power over it. [ 05-24-2006, 01:30 PM: Message edited by: garren ]
  22. garren

    R1 Trigger

    Hi, Tucker Someone on Benelli’s forum page stated that Briley’s can do work on trigger group and lower it to 3 1/2 pound. But before asking him if he did it personally or just heard about it, I would like to know if the trigger groups on M2, SBE and R1 are designed same way. Based on both answers, I could decide on what to do next.
  23. That’s funny. I assume that the idea of someone underestimating your intelligence should hurt more than actually loosing the money….and the rifle
  24. http://www.calssportingarmory.com/BenelliR1Accessories.htm If you’re looking for .30-06 magazine, right now it’s out of stock. I checked the site periodically before got lucky.
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