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  1. to wfjones90 If plinking on the range is what you want to do, and hunting is not your cupa' I suggest the following: 1: you need to shoot more - with friends and acquaintences - there are a lot of IPSC guys who love the rifle as well 2. Dont drop 2 years worth of shooting budget into a Benelli just yet. 3. Try to visualise where you might be headed in your gunrelated interests. 4. Spend your $ on shooting "systems" ie 1911, Glock, AR -15 type weapons first. They are reliable , capable of great accuracy and fun, and most of all have a huge number and types of 'aftermarket' tweaks,
  2. I would be willing to sell mine (r-1) in.308 not the comfortech for 750 kindofa traditional guy blue steel and walnut stock. $600 swing there. drcam ( I hope a sell offer is appropriate here)
  3. The ARGO rifle instructions I recieved with my .308 are as general and non - specific as possible. The section on page 64 CHOICE OF AMMUNITION states: "All cartriges having a calibre(note the British spelling ) that equals the calibre given on the carbine barrel may be used for your ARGO, provided they conform to CIP regulations" "NON-COMPLIANCE TO THIS RULE WOULD HAVE SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES FOR BOTH THE SHOOTER AND THE CARBINE. " "Note: use of not correctly refilled cartriges may cause damages to both the barrell and the lock, with possible consequences for the shooter as well "
  4. the camo wrap looks just like the stuff I need- I really hated the idea of tape and there did not seem to be another option. This stuff looks like Co Ban we use for dressings etc. You should include in your list of uses for this camo stuff on your gun - that you could strip it off the gun and place it over a dressing ( Kotex pads in their plastic storage wrap - cheap, sterile and truly embarrasing to buy make a great field dressing). When you get to the ER to have your 'deer gut' laceration sutured - they may even have a hard time finding it! [ 10-10-2006, 04:09 PM: Message edited by:
  5. I found the source of the HP 308 Match as Hirtenberger - made in austria. I will post any other info I get. drcam
  6. There is someything about the euro-styling of the R-1 that just appeals. Having also been mocked by the deer hunting crowd for bringing a "machine gun" on the deer hunt - I am glad to have a reliable, fine looking weapon for the hunt. If you really need more than 3 follow up shots something else must be wrong. I agree with the ammo selection mentioned above . I will not forgo the option of improving my groups with a little custom load building at the bench ! drcam
  7. drcam

    Caliber change -

    I guess since I own the R-1 I am really JUST looking for a conversion - but it does not seem to be offered through the web site . No dealers seem to know any thing. HMM
  8. I had some military loads as described above - HP seemed to be the brand name . Berdan primed. Interestingly the boxes specify .308 as I mentioned in my first post. However the head stamps show 7.62x 51 - an interesting factory disconnect that makes me wonder if they are foriegn manf. for some NATO country? When I switch back to commercial loads function is OK. I shoot about 30 - 50 rds per session - and clean my babies whenever thay get used. Thanks for the input- and help . This BB stuff is kinda new to me - but very helpful. DRCAM [ 10-10-2006, 08:40 PM: Mes
  9. I selected the R-1 based on reviews and the following features: 1 Lighter weight than a BAR by 1/2 lb 2 Assumption of acceptable precision( 1.5 MOA or less) 3 Benelli's suggestion that new calibers were to become available for conversion 4. Reliablily on the level of the Benelli shotgun. 5. Sexy looks and fine finish. 6 Nice case for storage So far 1 & 5 hit , 2, 3 & 4 are a miss. 6 is a hit if I want to remove the scope very time I put it away - so I call that a miss for now. If with further work on mounts, loads and shooting in Ido not start getting decen
  10. While working at the range on my bench trying to get various factory loads to give me an acceptable group, (still an unmet goal) all of the rounds fed and extracted flawlessly - until it came to some HP .308 WINCH 190 GR HPBT MATCH GRADE. Suddenly the action started failing to strip the top round out of the (pyramidal) magazine. Occasionally( 1/15 ) it would - but obviously there was not enough residual energy to fully cycle the bolt/ carrier/ spring. Unlike the FN, Galils and a bunch of other gas piston operated auto feeders there is no adjustability to the amount of gas porting - ???
  11. My R-1 manual has an "errata" sheet for page 20 indicating the use of the"forend follower" as a tool to insert into the recesses of the barrel locking cap in order to "screw the barrel locking cap using the torque necessary to win the spring contrast, in order to arrive to stroke end on the plunger pin" In looking at this follower - (it is really a stud for a sling) it is mated to a fluted, conical nut with two radiused cut-outs. It turns freely in its housing which is again mated to a tapered cylinder fixed(Icannot tell how) in the distal forend. A. I cringe applying torque to t
  12. drcam

    Caliber change -

    Thanks Tucker - I will contact these sellers and see if they have the top end 'conversions' available as well.
  13. I hear that the calibers 270 WSM and 300 WSM are available for my R-1. I cannot seem to find a source for either the full rifle - or the top end conversions in these calibers? Anybody out there selling these? [ 10-02-2006, 10:13 PM: Message edited by: drcam ]
  14. drcam

    Scoping my R-1

    I mounted the rail properly - it is clearly marked - what if IT was marked wrong - maybe I shoud put it on backwards and giver a try? I am not familiar with the Burris bases with offset inserts - but I am going there next. Thanks
  15. drcam

    Scoping my R-1

    I have been struggling to find appropriate bases and rings for my R-1 in .308. I first intalled on separate Leupold QD bases and rings thinking that it would allow me to use the cool Benelli "violin case" it came in. These worked OK but had to be shimmed at the back to get the scope into alignment. Groups really suffered though - the best 100 yd group with Fed Gold Medal match ammo was 2.75 in. So I installed the picatinny base Benelli supplied (even though it looks crappy for a sporting rifle), I took it in and had the sporting good store guy try a set of Warnes rings on the ra
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