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  1. Does anyone know if the R1 will ever be available in camo like the shotguns?
  2. JLMilligan


    They are being cut from operating. Small slices come off around the outside diameter of the o-ring. I usually do not remove them for cleaning because I have damaged enough o-rings in my life to know that I shouldn't mess with them unless I have replacements. They are well lubed with the lube that was supplied with the gun. I can measure them with some calipers and buy some more but I thought I would try CS first. Jared
  3. JLMilligan


    First the question. How do I get new o-rings when they get cut? I am on my second R1 and these o-rings are cut already. Now the story. I bought my first in Sept. '04. During the first cleaning I noticed one of the o-rings was cut. After further shooting, the other was cut too. I also noticed that the fore end was a different shade from one side to the other. The right side matched pretty good. On the left side the stock and fore end mismatched by quite a bit. Well I called CS and they said (in a polite way) I was on my own and it was up to the dealer to get o-rings. This was after the deal
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