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  1. Based upon my experience, while the R1 has many wonderful attributes, maintenance issues as noted above require more than normal attention. Interestingly though, after I traded my R1 into to Cabelas for a Browning A-bolt, I had the same accuracy problems with the A-bolt as I had with the 300 WSM R1. Made me wonder if it was me...then I thought scope. I sent it back into Zeiss and it is now being replaced. Hopefully when I get it back on the A-bolt I find that I really can shoot. If that actually happens, while I still believe the R1 requires more maintenance than I wanted to give it, I m
  2. I would agree with Tucker. After going through the entire barrel break-in process, and extensive cleaning after cleaning, about 2" was the best I could get the gun to shoot. I would also say that getting it to shoot that group over and over I never achieved. It should also be noted that Benelli guarantees the gun to shoot 2.5" groups at 100 yards. I liked the gun's look, I liked the feel, I liked how it came up, and in a 300 WSM the recoil was great. I also wanted a gun that was more accurate, with an action that worked everytime. I just sold mine R1 back to Cabelas. I really want
  3. I just sold my R1 300 WSM Comfortech that was in absolutely perfect condition. I bought it last year, with what are unrealistic expectations. While I can't say that I expected MOA accuracy, I was expecting something close. Benneli guarantees the gun to shoot 2.5" at 100 yards (I learned this after I shipped the gun in for review). While 2.5" at 100 yards will get you anything you want, push that out to 300 yards and things look much different. I spent $250+ on different bullets, trying Winchester, Federal and Fusion in different bullet types and weights. Winchester in this gun were terr
  4. Try these guys. They list on their website a 10 round ciip for 308 and 06. They also state that they have many items not listed on their website and invite the call. http://www.e-gunparts.com/cantfind.asp http://www.e-gunparts.com/DisplayAd.asp?chrProductSKU=981640&chrSuperSKU=&MC=YJ Good luck Jim
  5. Interesting gun. What caliber did you get, and how does it shoot?
  6. The R1 in a 20" barrel shooting short distances sounds like a great solution. It comes up really well and holds on target if you need a quick follow up.
  7. Holmux, I thought Iowa was a Shotgun only State. Where are you hunting with your R1? Jim
  8. P.S. If you get the gun, mine really did not like the Winchester XP3. I was literally getting 5-6" groups with those bullets. I seemed to get better groups with either Fusion or Federal shells.
  9. I have a R1 Comfortech in 300 WSM scoped with a Zeiss 3.5x10. I bought it last fall. I went through the break in process very carefully and deliberately. I tried 5-6-7 different types of bullets, and never found one that produced 1.5 MOA - I would get the occasional group, but nothing consistent. I sent the gun in to Benelli, and interestingly, what Benelli does not advertise, is that they spec the gun at 2.5" or less. 2.5" for a $1,000 gun. My gun came back with a target showing 2.5" and this was after the Benelli lady told me, while holding my target in hand, that it shot 1.25" Gee, h
  10. Tucker, It took me a moment to figure out the 1/20/09 close. Couldn't agree more.... I don't know how anyone, anywhere, could say anything other than he was a big mistake. Ironically, I know some followers that to this day still stand by him. You have to wonder what it would take to actually get them to see him for what he is. Couldn't agree more Jim
  11. Clubster, I would agree with Tucker. Go with the Browning Shortrac. My brother has the gun and it shoots really well and has not given him any problems. He has had it for two hunting seasons. Not sure what you mean by it being an OX. I assumed you meant weight. An R1 comes in at 7 lbs 2 ounces, the Shortrac at 7 lbs 4 ounces. Hardly and issue. The Sauer 303 comes in at 7 lbs 3 or 6 ounces depending upon model. Maybe your Dad's unit is the older BAR design. The BAR was reworked 3-4 years ago and I know they used lighter metal in the new design. You can go to Browning's website and
  12. Jim630

    R1 .308 accuracy

    Pretty nice gjmon. In fact really nice. I have a R1 300 WSM. I have had problems getting to 1.5" consistently..... Even went as far as sending the gun back to Benelli. I have begun thinking it was something I was doing, and have an idea or two. Anxious to get back out once the temps become reasonable. Here in WI we have been struggling to get to 10 during the days. Way....to cold for me. Congrats on your groups.
  13. Nice post Tucker. I read about this in some hunting magazine this past year and they too said any deer shot here will simply drop. I think we all tend to aim for the heart/lung area, I like this idea better. Nice post for helping people understand. Jim
  14. Rangerrookie, You have some homework to do. That said, very nice Christmas present. Someone is taking good care of you. Here are some quick thoughts: Break In Yes, there is a process for this. Some people do, some don't. I did. The way I looked at it, why not. It is a fun afternoon, you get to know your gun, and it certainly doens't cause any harm. The short version is this. You shoot your gun, and clean your gun often through the break in process. During the first 5 shots, you shoot once, then clean. After 5 shots, you should have cleaned it 5x. After this, you shoot 3, t
  15. My 300 WSM jammed 3 times in the first 80-100 rounds. At least two of the times I was using Fusion 165 shells. All 3 may have been Fusions, but I am not sure. I have been using Federal shells since and haven't had any other problems. I probably have another 60 shells through it w/o any problems. I was telling a guy at a local store about some concerns I had regarding the gun's accuracy. He said that he too had concerns about the gun in general before he had a chance to shoot it. He was the gun manager for this store, and said that the Benelli rep gave him his personal R1 and 250 rou
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