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  1. I just picked up a new Benelli R1 and now need a sling and extra mag for a 30-06. Where can I locate these other than calling Benelli directly?
  2. clubster

    R1 barrel

    I have been thinking about getting a R1 in the comfortec and changing out the 30-06 to a 20" .300 win mag. Do the replacement barrels come in both gloss and matte. Rumor has it that they are just gloss. Silly to put a gloss barrel on a matte gun. What have you guys seen?
  3. I am looking for US made stock and handguards for the Benelli M4. Who makes them and are they any good?
  4. clubster

    US Parts

    I am curious what US parts are currently available or will be released soon for the Benneli M4?
  5. I am thinking about getting another deer rifle and am interested in the .300 Win. Mag. Comfortech version but with a 20" barrel not the 24"er. Has anyone heard of Benelli making the 20" in the Comfortech version? What is the best price or place around on the Comfortech R1 you guys have seen? What do optional barrels run?
  6. I purchased the .300 Win and will not get to shoot it until I get / choose an optic for it. It's my new deer gun!
  7. I had originally decided to get an R1 20" and was looking at them at the NRA show here is St Louis a couple months ago just to be sure that is what I wanted. Well, my mind has changed, I went with the new Merkel SR1 rifle in .300 Win Mag with just over a 20" barrel. http://www.merkel-sr1.com/flash.html You cant beat a quality German rifle. I Just wanted everyone to know of a new option on the market.
  8. That R1 20":) is sweet and it is for sure a go now. Thanks for the help.
  9. Thanks but where did you get the photo? I couldnt find one anywhere.
  10. Would anyone have a pic of a 20" R1? Icant find one anywhere.
  11. I am so close in getting a new R1 Comfortech in 30-06 wit the 20" barrel. I do a lot of walking and brush deer hunting. Would there be any real negatives to the 20 over the 22 barrel. I shoot short ranges 50-100yrs while deer hunting. Any help would be great and are there any photos of the 20" R1 anywhere???
  12. Does anyone have a photo of the 20" barrel on the R1. I was curious as to how it looked and cannot fine one anywhere.
  13. By OX i meant real heavy as compared to my Sauer 202 Supreme. I will look at the Brownings again.
  14. WTF! How can the ATF state on the phone there is not an issue and I gave him the exact model (11707) and items to be installed (extension and adjustable stock). He stated it would not be an issue at all. I give up and am selling it all:rolleyes:
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