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  1. I checked about a year ago or less and a store called House of Bargains in Apache Flats, MO had it for sub $600. It was the best price I found. http://www.superpages.com/bp/Jefferson-City-MO/House-of-Bargains-RentIt-Center-L2052096670.htm Good luck.
  2. After seeing my 14" sbs, my brother went a step further and is having his M4 modded into the Israeli 9" model. I think you might have the bulge a little too far back, but I'd nominate your barrel for an Israeli chop down and your receiver for SBS registration.
  3. I'm still around - just been busy with a new son for the past 6 months or so. The front sight and hanger must be shimmed, around 0.040" each if I recall correctly. Requires 2 different temp solders to do right I've been told. I've put about 200-300 rounds through the modded 14" bbl. No stoppages or issues at all. I've shot both high and low brass stuff and it digests it all. My brother has been in contact with a guy off AR15.com that has a fixture made for the M4 barrel shortening mod - this may indeed be the user WARPED posting here. His pics shown here certainly look like he does top notch stuff. The pattern has opened up, but it is still a lethal close to medium range skeet gun. With 6 rounds semi-auto, whoever is running the auto skeet thrower can't throw clays fast enough to overwhelm you. I love the 14" M4, but have also been thinking about getting a spare 18.5" bbl to get a little extra range on skeet. Then again, I try to pick a use for a weapon and stick with it so I don't have hundreds of dollars of parts/optics accessories lying around unused (or God forbid - connected to the weapon) like some sort of mall ninja. The M4 SBS with a side saddle is awesome the way it is.
  4. The 11707 will interchange with any of the three stocks and allow the skeleton stock to collapse, yes. You'll love the shotgun, it rocks! Here is my 11707 with a collapsible stock installed. It is registered as an SBS to allow the short barrel and stock to be legally installed. http://www.survivingtwilight.com/images/Guns/M4_ENTRY.JPG
  5. You'll need a model 11707 in order to have your installed collapsible stock actually collapse. The other models will allow the skeleton stock to be installed but won't allow the stock to collapse. The model M1014 (with american flag engraved on receiver) will come with a collapsible stock from the factory. While it won't collapse on the 1014, if you remove this stock and put it on an 11707 it will collapse just fine. The guys from LE Sales USA have a decent price on the 11707 ($1429), and also offer to sell the shotgun and the collapsible stock for yet again a decent price ($2064). I purchased mine from them a year and a half ago and it arrived minty fresh. You can talk with a reputable dealer and make sure there aren't any scratches on the weapon you are agreeing to purchase. Buy it on a credit card and you have an 800 lb gorilla on your side in case something goes wrong. Often times this is worth the extra 3% as insurance. http://www.lesalesusa.com/products/benelli.htm I agree with one of the above posters, why spend substantially more money for a firearm locally if you can get it elsewhere for less? Shipping and transfer fee shouldn't run you more than $40 total. The M4 doesn't come from the factory with a sling or case. These are extras you'll have to buy.
  6. I've been emailed that Numrich Gun parts has the barrel for $827 online. I am aware of this. After spending 30 minutes calling shops, I've managed to find a barrel as low as $565. The highest I was quoted was $760. If you are looking for a replacement barrel (or one to have cut down into a 14" for an entry model, etc.) do yourself a favor and start calling Benelli dealers in your area. You'll save dough over buying from Numrich. I thought it would be worth the time to see if anyone had access to one not currently being used before buying one from my best price shop.
  7. It is a toss up between using it to stuff sausage casings and using it on my M4 for skeet shooting when the range with my 14" just doesn't cut it.
  8. I'm looking for an 18.5" factory barrel. Anyone have one for sale? Please let me know what you have, round count and asking price. Doesn't have to be immaculate. Thanks! [email protected]
  9. Awesome, good job on maximizing your return No F-Bdy! There seems to be an element on here that starts ranting like a lunatic anytime somebody tries to sell something for more than said element believes it should be sold for. I went through this same BS a while back: A user posts in support of getting every dollar you can for your item, then the sadsacks come out of the woodwork yelling "Gougity gouge gouging price GOUGER!" Why on Earth would No F-bdy (or any sane person) not try to get as much for their goods as possible? Just because you post on the same forum? That is laughable. Hmmm, would I rather have an extra $100 in my bank account or some random person's on this forum? Given the choice, I'll let my account receive the windfall every time. I give my money to charities and churches, not random internet acquaintances. I suspect most other rational beings operate under the same principle.
  10. Both the 11707 and the M1014 will allow the collapsible stock to be fixed to the weapon. The 11707 will allow that collapsible stock to collapse though, wherease the M1014 will not - it will be fixed in the open position. The recoil tube is the difference. The 11707 comes with a recoil tube with additional cuts in the tube to allow the collapsible stock to actually collapse. The M1014 has a smooth tube that will accept the collapsible stock, but will not allow it to collapse. The stock that the M1014 comes with is the real deal collapsible stock, but the recoil tube is the lame-o limiting factor that prevents the stock from collapsing up to the shotgun body. Take that stock off your M1014 and put it on an 11707 and you are in business. I've run into the rumor many times that the collapsible stock that comes with the M1014 can't collapse even on an 11707. This is total bullarcky. I've purchased multiple M1014s specifically for parting out the collapsible stock when prices were insane earlier in the year. Having a nice assortment of M4's in multiple configurations now is just a side benefit. I think there is a thread on this site talking about Numrich gun parts and how they sell a recoil tube with the cuts in it so you can switch tubes on the M1014 or other non collapsing M4 models to allow them to fully collapse the collapsible stock.
  11. As the title implies, you better either be very patient or a bit lucky to track one down. I've tried to track one down since February and had one come up for sale (a guy on this board alerted me) for a great price and I missed it by 5 minutes. There are a couple others that I found out there, but they are asking $2300 and up for them. I've been on three wait lists since then with no luck. The dealers I've spoken with that have gotten them in ran a lead time of about 9-15 months from order placement to fulfillment. I got sick of waiting and found a smith to cut my M4 18.5" barrel down to entry 14" length. Three weeks after he did one for me he retired. My suggestion is to call any smith you can and ask them if they are interested in doing the conversion. I took the M4 entry conversion out shooting skeet this past weekend and it was a clay dusting monster within about 20-25 yards. Get past that and the pattern really opens up. But damn was it awesome to waste 6 clays in the span of about 4 seconds.
  12. Thanks to John in Saint Peters for a quick reply. Got my limiter tube. Thanks!
  13. Hello, I wanted to see if anybody had an excellent condition dummy tube extension from their M4 that they would be interested in selling. If you have the dummy extension tube lying around, I'd be happy to buy it off of you. I'm offering $15 but will entertain counter offers from any of you that have one to part with. Thanks a bunch! Shane
  14. Well isn't that just cool! I always just did a quick field strip and assumed the bolt assy needed to be removed prior to removing the trigger frame. I learned something new today!
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