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  1. if you leave too much oil inside the gun, it will cause swelling and your shells wont eject. You may even have to dig them out, where you risk sracthing the throat of your gun or worse. The inside of the receiver should also have a thin layer, if you are not using the dry spray lubes. Too much left behind in there will cause it to collect dirt, dust, AND if any humidity gets in there it will trap it and belive it or not you will see rust much faster. Same thing on the outside of the gun and the inside of the barrel. Oil is a dust magnet. Leave only a thin layer.
  2. Im sorry to see your problem went so sour. I think the reason my case was handled differently is it was a jamming issue, not an acuracy issue. I had email trails showing my concern of a gun that jams and I can be a very large hemorhoid when required- I am a purchaser/price negotiator by trade so I deal with vendors daily. That helps a little too. I actually bought a SBE2 yesterday. I dont think Ill have a problem with it since it is not gas operated and their reputation is great. As far as a replacement rifle, I am buying a SAKO lever action from by best bud. However, later in the ye
  3. They didnt say there was an existing problem they are aware of. The reason I say I will wait a year and try again is because the rifle's gas rings seem to stick to the brass cyclinder (attached to the barrel) after a few shots. I know this because it was very tough to ge the barrel off in order to clean it. They get dirty fast and badly- at least they did on this gun. I'm sure this is why it kept jamming. I figure after a year or so they will have had enough complaints on this and will have fixed it. Its posible it was the defect was only on my gun, or perhaps I wasn't cleaning it well enough.
  4. I have bad news and I have great news. The bad news is my 270 wsm R1 jammed on me again (3rd or 4th time). I love the gun and the feeling of having it but I have to give up on it. The geat news is Benelli customer service is top notch. I am always very fast to rip c/s when it is inadequate, so I must praise it when it is as it should be. I worked with Lesley Rawlings in c/s. She was helpful, responded timely and was never antagonistic or deflective. The whole matter has been handled properly to this point. I won't state resolution they arrived at because I am sure things happ
  5. Thanks for the info and help guys. I changed loads to Win 130 gr BST and havent had another jam. If it was just cycling thing or just a couple bad shells, I would like to go back to the federals. I dunno. Anyway, thanks.
  6. ...buddy- please be sure to take a gun/hunter safety class. I know they are usually required for a license, but I mean REALLY take it. Learn. More importantly than your having a gun you need to learn is entering a wonderful, special sport that is very dangerous if you don't take it seriously. PLease make sure you understand that you must always, always make sure you know what is on the other side of an animal before you shoot at it. Do that, and practice with your new gun using the tips above, and you'll have a great life simply either hunting or waiting until your next hunt. God Bless.
  7. thanks for the info just for an update, i went back to the range tonight and did shoot a different brand of cartridge. I went from Federal Premium vital shock accubond 140gr to Winchester supreme ballistic silvertip 130gr. No jamms tongiht and I shot about a box and 3/4 through it. I think its ok and I am releived. Now I want to start to enjoy my Benelli.
  8. Anyone else have a jamming problem? SHould I have gotten a browning?
  9. Hi. Im new to the site. I am sure I'll be frequesnting more now though, since I finall y got my Benelli R1!! Man I cant wait Have any of you shot this gun yet? Any owners of it? I would like ot hear some opinions if you have any, THanks
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