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  1. Based upon my experience, while the R1 has many wonderful attributes, maintenance issues as noted above require more than normal attention. Interestingly though, after I traded my R1 into to Cabelas for a Browning A-bolt, I had the same accuracy problems with the A-bolt as I had with the 300 WSM R1. Made me wonder if it was me...then I thought scope. I sent it back into Zeiss and it is now being replaced. Hopefully when I get it back on the A-bolt I find that I really can shoot. If that actually happens, while I still believe the R1 requires more maintenance than I wanted to give it, I may end up recanting my words about its accuracy. I also had some reloading errors which were not related to cleaning. Cabelas told me that all WSM semis are more prone to auto loading errors than conventional cartridges. For what it is worth, Cabelas gave me $750 for it....and promptly put it on the shelf for $1099. Right now I wish I had tried a different scope on the gun. Jim
  2. I would agree with Tucker. After going through the entire barrel break-in process, and extensive cleaning after cleaning, about 2" was the best I could get the gun to shoot. I would also say that getting it to shoot that group over and over I never achieved. It should also be noted that Benelli guarantees the gun to shoot 2.5" groups at 100 yards. I liked the gun's look, I liked the feel, I liked how it came up, and in a 300 WSM the recoil was great. I also wanted a gun that was more accurate, with an action that worked everytime. I just sold mine R1 back to Cabelas. I really wanted the gun to work out, but at least in my case, it didn't.
  3. I just sold my R1 300 WSM Comfortech that was in absolutely perfect condition. I bought it last year, with what are unrealistic expectations. While I can't say that I expected MOA accuracy, I was expecting something close. Benneli guarantees the gun to shoot 2.5" at 100 yards (I learned this after I shipped the gun in for review). While 2.5" at 100 yards will get you anything you want, push that out to 300 yards and things look much different. I spent $250+ on different bullets, trying Winchester, Federal and Fusion in different bullet types and weights. Winchester in this gun were terrible. 3-4" is the best I could get. the XP3 were literally 6-8" at 100 yards. Federals would group in the 2.5" range. I should also add that I even went through the unnecessary barrel break in process where it is cleaned thoroughly 10x in the first 20 shots. I have cleaned this gun more than any other gun I own. The straw that broke the camels back was two weeks ago when the very clean gun misfed two times in about 12 shots. It would eject the shell, and appear to load the shell but fail to pick the shell up out of the magizine. The gun has also jammed. Cabelas bought it back for $700, and I know own an A-bolt Whilte Gold Medalian. I was pretty bummed. I loved the way the gun handled, and it was a joy to shoot. Eyes wide open. It is fun to be excited, but I hope you don't have the same unrealistic expectatoins that I had. Certainly no one ever told me that Benneli guaranteed 2.5" Had I heard that, I would have walked away. When I was buying the Browning Cabelas told me that in general, Browning, Remington or Benneli, all have periodic problems handling the WSM cartridges (they misfeed). He told me that before he knew I owned the Benneli. If 2.5" is what you are looking for, this gun could be great. I would also avoid the WSM cartridges based upon my experience, and what Cabelas said. Jim
  4. Try these guys. They list on their website a 10 round ciip for 308 and 06. They also state that they have many items not listed on their website and invite the call. http://www.e-gunparts.com/cantfind.asp http://www.e-gunparts.com/DisplayAd.asp?chrProductSKU=981640&chrSuperSKU=&MC=YJ Good luck Jim
  5. Interesting gun. What caliber did you get, and how does it shoot?
  6. The R1 in a 20" barrel shooting short distances sounds like a great solution. It comes up really well and holds on target if you need a quick follow up.
  7. Holmux, I thought Iowa was a Shotgun only State. Where are you hunting with your R1? Jim
  8. P.S. If you get the gun, mine really did not like the Winchester XP3. I was literally getting 5-6" groups with those bullets. I seemed to get better groups with either Fusion or Federal shells.
  9. I have a R1 Comfortech in 300 WSM scoped with a Zeiss 3.5x10. I bought it last fall. I went through the break in process very carefully and deliberately. I tried 5-6-7 different types of bullets, and never found one that produced 1.5 MOA - I would get the occasional group, but nothing consistent. I sent the gun in to Benelli, and interestingly, what Benelli does not advertise, is that they spec the gun at 2.5" or less. 2.5" for a $1,000 gun. My gun came back with a target showing 2.5" and this was after the Benelli lady told me, while holding my target in hand, that it shot 1.25" Gee, how great, they spec it privately at 2.5" and when holding a target, can't even measure correctly. Yea I was (and maybe still am) frustrated. My old Remington auto shoots 1" and in reference to what Tucker noted, I can shoot my brother's Browning Shortrac 300 WSM at MOA as well. The problem, the R1 is one great looking and handling gun. Maybe if you poll Browning owners you will hear about guns that don't shoot well too, but of the R1 owners that log on here, significant numbers appear to grumble about accuracy. In fairness I should also add that part of my accuracy problem might be something I was doing wrong, that my Remington seemed to forgive. I am anxious to try again in the coming months. The underlying issue for me, Benelli considers the gun to be on if it shoots 2.5" Before buying this gun, and being more niave than I care to admit, I presumed that Benelli technology, and the $$ they were getting for the gun, translated into a gun capable of shooting under 1.5" So my advise, if you are fine buying a gun that specs at 2.5" the R1 will meet and likely exceed your expectations. If someone told me 2.5" was the factory spec, I would not have bought the gun. No question in my mind. Shame on me.... That said, my fingers are still crossed for better results because the gun really does look great, and it comes up better than any other gun I tried.
  10. Tucker, It took me a moment to figure out the 1/20/09 close. Couldn't agree more.... I don't know how anyone, anywhere, could say anything other than he was a big mistake. Ironically, I know some followers that to this day still stand by him. You have to wonder what it would take to actually get them to see him for what he is. Couldn't agree more Jim
  11. Clubster, I would agree with Tucker. Go with the Browning Shortrac. My brother has the gun and it shoots really well and has not given him any problems. He has had it for two hunting seasons. Not sure what you mean by it being an OX. I assumed you meant weight. An R1 comes in at 7 lbs 2 ounces, the Shortrac at 7 lbs 4 ounces. Hardly and issue. The Sauer 303 comes in at 7 lbs 3 or 6 ounces depending upon model. Maybe your Dad's unit is the older BAR design. The BAR was reworked 3-4 years ago and I know they used lighter metal in the new design. You can go to Browning's website and see it. The Shortrac is a nice gun, and not troublesome to carry. Jim
  12. Jim630

    R1 .308 accuracy

    Pretty nice gjmon. In fact really nice. I have a R1 300 WSM. I have had problems getting to 1.5" consistently..... Even went as far as sending the gun back to Benelli. I have begun thinking it was something I was doing, and have an idea or two. Anxious to get back out once the temps become reasonable. Here in WI we have been struggling to get to 10 during the days. Way....to cold for me. Congrats on your groups.
  13. Nice post Tucker. I read about this in some hunting magazine this past year and they too said any deer shot here will simply drop. I think we all tend to aim for the heart/lung area, I like this idea better. Nice post for helping people understand. Jim
  14. Rangerrookie, You have some homework to do. That said, very nice Christmas present. Someone is taking good care of you. Here are some quick thoughts: Break In Yes, there is a process for this. Some people do, some don't. I did. The way I looked at it, why not. It is a fun afternoon, you get to know your gun, and it certainly doens't cause any harm. The short version is this. You shoot your gun, and clean your gun often through the break in process. During the first 5 shots, you shoot once, then clean. After 5 shots, you should have cleaned it 5x. After this, you shoot 3, then clean. 20 rounds in you should have cleaned your gun 10x. Tucker had some link to a good break in process that provided more detail. maybe he'll chime in what that. if not, do a google search for rifle breakin. Learn how to clean cooper fouling. These are thorough cleanings. Each cleaning will take 5-10 min. Pick a nice day. It is fun. Shells I like Fusion and Federals. My 300 WSM for some reason didn't like Winchesters. I am going to revisit that next year. It may have been me. Too much to explain, but I learned about some technical issue I was doing wrong. Scopes I have a Zeiss. I thought it was better than the Leupold and Nikon. I also like both of those brands. Simply put, all three are very nice. Consider a 3x9 or 3.5x10 for your gun given where you live and what you are planning. If I were doing it again, I might consider a 4x14 or something like that. I have a 3.5x10 and I do like it. Triggers A number of us have had our R1 triggers worked on. Generally the R1 comes out of the box with a 5-6-7 pound trigger. Generally more trigger weight = accuracy problems. Some people do just fine so you'll have to figure out what you prefer. I have mine set at about 3.25 pounds. WARNING: A lighter trigger can lead to a greater likelihood of accidental discharge. Accidental discharge can cause serious harm. Be careful if you are going to consider this. To learn more about this, go to a gun store, like Cabelas, dry fire an R1, then dry fire a Kimber, or something like that. The Kimber will proabably be in the 3+ pound range. There is a marked difference. Before you think about this, spend lots of time practicing. If you proceed, a gun smith will likely do this for you for about $50. A gunsmith at Gander Mtn did mine. Gun Care Keep your gun clean. Semi more than bolts want to be kept clean. If you are out in the rain, or your gun gets wet from humidity, wipe it down and let it air dry. NEVER put you gun away for the year without a thorough final cleaning. Grab a beer and you'll spend an enjoyable hour with your toy. Accuracy Don't expect 1 MOA, do expect less than 2" You sound well intended, but inexperienced. Practice, practice, practice. The other thing I learned is to make sure you apply no downward or sideways pressure to the gun's barrel or forearm. The barrel is pretty obvious, but remember that the forearm is directly connected to the barrel on the R1. This is not true with a good bolt. You can pretty easily move your point of impact an inch or two by applying a relatively small amount of downward pressure to your forearm. Buy yourself a gun rest. They are cheap and quite helpful. Congrats on your new toy. There are quite a few people on these forums that will chime in with ideas. By the way, we are neighbors. I am in WI. Good luck. Be safe. Have fun. I hope this helps get you started. Jim
  15. My 300 WSM jammed 3 times in the first 80-100 rounds. At least two of the times I was using Fusion 165 shells. All 3 may have been Fusions, but I am not sure. I have been using Federal shells since and haven't had any other problems. I probably have another 60 shells through it w/o any problems. I was telling a guy at a local store about some concerns I had regarding the gun's accuracy. He said that he too had concerns about the gun in general before he had a chance to shoot it. He was the gun manager for this store, and said that the Benelli rep gave him his personal R1 and 250 rounds of shells to go learn first hand. He said the rep asked one thing: shoot all 250 rounds w/o cleaning the gun. He wasn't trying to sell me anything and seemed very genuine. He said the gun performed flawlessly throughout all 250 rounds. He did say that the gun gradually became less accurate as he got deper into the 250 rounds, but as a whole, he loved it. Hope it helps.
  16. Jim630

    R1 Recoil

    I have a Comfortech 300 WSM. Bought it this fall. I think the recoil is pretty mild. I shoot the gun in a t-shirt on warm days, and have never had a sore shoulder after the fact - I typically shoot 20 shells an outing. The recoil felt like my 270, which is the way I believe Benelli described it. I am hard pressed to think I'll ever get scope bit by this gun. Jim
  17. One more thing. Several R1 owners have had problems with groups. Things I can tell you. No gun shoots well dirty, but the R1 appears to be really sensitive to fouling. Maybe that is more normal than I have had experience with, but you may find that 15 shots in, you'll start throwing shells...and it will likely be because it needs a very thorough cleaning. The other thing that no one in sales or in Benellis lit. tells you is that Benelli specs the gun at 2.5" at 100 yards. I just got my gun back from Benelli because it wouldn't group. They told me that after extensive cleaning, they got a 1.25" group. I thought ok, maybe I need to learn more about cleaing the gun. Then I got the gun back, with the target, which reflects a 2.25" group, and that is considered within Benelli spec. I suspect that if Benelli advertised the gun's accuracy as 2.5", few would buy it. It is a cool gun, but its accuracy appears to vary by gun. It isn't a bolt so shooting sub MOA, or even 1 MOA wasn't my expectation, but I thought, wrongly, that 1-2" would come - I even spoke with a Benelli rep. Mine is a 300 WSM. Lastly, others, like Tucker, have managed to get their R1 to shoot some **** good groups (1" or less). I don't know what exactly they did to make that happen, but I seem to recall Tucker also saying that he thought the gun was very sensitive. Ok now lastly, I think you'll really like the recoil. For a 300 mag, it was pretty mild. Good luck. If you get a good group, let me know what you were shooting. Mine did not like Winchesters, 150s or 180s. It did ok with 165 Fusions. I am going to try two Federals this weekend. Have fun. Jim
  18. Pretty Cool Looking! I'll say one thing, the Comfortech is one nice looking gun. When I got mine, I first drew the line at $500 for my scope, considering the VX III. I eventually ended up with a Zeiss I liked for a little more. I liked the VXL, but had to draw the line somewhere. Did you get it at the new Cabelas in Richfield? I live just West of Madison, and that is about as close as I would want to be to a store with so many toys. I was just there last week to pick up a pair of Zeiss binos. Good luck Nov 18! Jim
  19. Not bad. My logic regarding the loose nut behind the trigger is that if I can shoot 1-1.5" groups with my Remington, my Brother's BAR, and an A-Bolt, I should be able to shoot the R1. That seemed to suggest that the nut was adjusted properly, I hope. We'll know soon enough. My R1 is due to arrive Thursday or Friday. I really hope it was the gun, because correcting anything I might be doing wrong will take more time than I now have. Jim
  20. gfyoung3, Benelli told me they were shooting Winchester Power Points through my gun getting the 1.25" groups. I forget to ask what weight, but they come in 150s and 180s. Ironically, I think that is the cheapest shells Winchester makes. I would add that several people that I spoke with suggest the 150s are light for a 300 WSM, but I am learning that getting good advise is far easier said than done. My brother's BAR likes the Winchester Silver Tips in 150 though. I don't have the gun back yet to report first hand. I hope you get it dialed in for a good deer season. Mine is in about 10 days. Good luck. Jim
  21. It is clear to me that some of you guys know guns far better than I. I also appreciate your wealth of knowledge, despite how it is sometimes conveyed. That said, I disagree with much of what has been written regarding what a gun buyer should know, or for that matter, what the R1 should do. Here were my perspectives going into buying an R1: 1) My 25-year-old Remington auto loader will shoot 1.5" groups. I certainly believed that if my old Remington could shoot 1.5", a $1,000 brand new R1 would be capable of the same. 2) My brother's Browning BAR 300 WSM shoots 1" groups. Yes, an autoloader. 3) Technological advances have taken place in nearly every product one can imagine. CAD has improved electronics, CAD has overhauled the auto industry and virtually everything else man made. Products are designed and built to tighter tolerances, and given the right mfg, built to higher standards of quality. If I told you that a chip containing 1 million pivetting mirrors would provide some of the best TV you'll see, in a 90 pound box, I doubt that many of you would have believed it 10 years ago. Guess what, it is called DLP and it is the heart of many of the TVs sold today. 4) Now imagine a novice hunter, perceiving Benelli to be a well built gun, talking to not one, not two, but many sales reps from many retailers, including Benelli directly, all saying the R1 is capable of shooting 1" or so groups. Not sub 1", but 1-1.5" given the shooters abilities. I don't think it takes a lot for a relative non-expert to then conclude that this gun should shoot. The other issue is the notion that only a person that goes to the bench regularly can shoot tight groups. My goal has never been to shoot sub 1" groups, but I can shoot 1" groups, when the gun itself will shoot them. Benelli is returning my 300 WSM telling me it shoots 1.25". Maybe bolts are inherently a more accurate gun, but when 25 year old Remington autos shoot 1.5" groups, when a BAR shoots 1" groups, when reps from various companies tell you the gun can do what you want it to do, including OEM reps, when technological advances have improved nearly everything man made, it is a reasonable conclusion that just maybe, Benelli made something that would shoot close to that of a bolt. I would never compare my knowledge to that of some of you guys, but a reasonable person could easily conclude that a $1,000 gun should be able to shoot reasonable groups. So when I guy says I am having trouble with my gun, why is he spoken to like his expectations are out of sync with his gun? Go figure. If Benelli doesn't want potential buyers being disappointed, they should tell them to expect 2-3-4" groups. How many guns do you suppose they will sell? When I told them I was getting 4-5" groups, they wanted the gun back in for work. It seems that they must think the gun should be more accurate than what is suggested here. Well, I feel better now....maybe I have made you smile, or think twice. Jim
  22. I have a 300 WSM Comfortech. Mine was doing the same thing. I would once and while get a 1.5" group, but generally they were 4-6". Here and there I would get 2 shots that literally touched each other, and have the same 3-4" 3rd shot. I tended to chalk off the two really tight shots as luck. I went through the break in process with the barrel, and tried 5-6 types of ammunition. 150s, 165 and 180s. Federal and Winchester. I eventually called Benelli, and my gun was shipped in for them to look at it about 14 days ago. In fact I plan to call tomorrow for an update. They were very good about it on the phone, we'll see how the actual repair works. By the way, one person told me he thought it was the gun, another told me he thought it was me. While I would find it easier if it were the gun, it doesn't matter much to me. I just need to know if it is me or the gun. I had a gun smith work on my trigger. He got it down to 3.25-3.5 pounds. Cost me $50. Someone else indicated they got their trigger down to about the same on their own by adjusting springs. I would rather pay the $50 and have it done. Good luck. If you find an answer, please let me know. Benelli has told me it should shoot 1.5" and that they'll make it do that. How, no idea. I have asked to talk to the guy who works on the gun though. Maybe I'll learn a thing or two. P.S. I also had 3 jams....which also suggested to me something is wrong.
  23. I purchased an R1 Comfortech about 45 days. Off the shelf the trigger was a little over 5 pounds. The gun smith I had work on it brought it down to 3.25-3.5 pounds. I can't tell you what all was involved, but I can say that when I shot my old Remington, after shooting the Benelli, I couldn't believe the difference. I also asked the gun smith if there were any concerns adjusting my R1 down. Such as, could the gun somehow fire again on its own? That wasn't a concern at these weights according to him. I have shot the gun probably 50+ times since then, and the trigger with shells in the clip, have worked w/o any trouble. When I bought it, he thought he would get it down to about 4 lbs. It cost me $50. Pretty cheap, and well worth it. Good luck Jim
  24. Winchester, I just got my R1 back from the shop today. 3.5 lbs on the trigger. Feels pretty good. When it went in, it was just over 5 lbs. I just took it to a local shop here in Madison WI. I'll know in a week or so whether it makes a difference at the range. Jim
  25. Thanks Bozhed, I'll try that round when I get my gun back. I have to say, good choice in gun, caliber and scope.... Jim
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