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  1. Two suggestions to get a lower checkweld: 1) Desert Warrior check rest (requires drilling into your stock to mount it). 2) Run an Aimpoint T-1. The former is pretty inexpensive and probably the best bet if you want to save money. I run my M1A this way and it is awesome. Mines an LRB--you will not find a better M1A!
  2. But back to the original question--what mods have they made to make them feed so efficiently? I stock gun is way too stiff to do that.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU5dsnBsxXs&feature=related The second technique is much better than the first.
  4. So I shot my M4 in 3 gun competition. The results are not out, but I am pretty sure I won the match and beat a few Saigas in the process. My M4 worked great although there was one problem I thought I would share with you gentlemen. I found the M4 fairly hard to load at speed. Feeding ammo into the magazine is just really stiff and hard. Note--the shotgun has over 1000 shells through it, so lack of break in is not the issue. One guy had a tricked out Benelli and said there were ways to make the gun easier to load. He had to shoot before we could finish the conversation, so I am n
  5. I know that some have said that the ATF letter "does not apply to us," but I think it is a gray area. Being one who firmly believe in following the law and wanting to play it safe.....I have a question about followers. Can anyone tell me who makes the BEST US Made follower for the M4? FYI, I emailed Surecycle and they said that their follower will not work well with a full length mag tube. I was shocked to hear this and wonder if they misspoke.
  6. Guys, For those of you who have experience with vertical foregrips AND the traditional forearm.....which do you like better? I am interested in hearing from people who are fairly serious shooters. I am wondering how a vertical foregrip differs from a traditional foregrip in terms of: 1) recoil control. 2) Ergonomics in reloading 3) Switch to slug drills 4) Malfunction clearance. 5) Accuracy with aimed fire. Many thanks! Nem
  7. I own both and like the M4 better. If you get mag extensions, the M2 and M4 are equivlent in capacity. But I would ask if you plan to hang lights or optics on it. If you do, these will hang your M2 up. If not, the M2 may be best for you. The lighter weight is also not always a good thing with full power loads!
  8. Nemesis

    M4 vs Saiga 12

    no--just box or drum magazine fed shotguns. Or shotguns with certain "evil" features. m4 is ok w/ fixed stock. Saiga 12 not ok.
  9. Nemesis

    M4 vs Saiga 12

    I wonder about that Duggan. It is based on the AK system--totally reliable, but horrific ergonomics.
  10. Nemesis

    M4 vs Saiga 12

    Let me start (as I often do) by saying that I am in love with my Benelli M4. Terrific shotgun! But I am also intrigued by the Saiga 12. Sadly, living in California means I cannot own this (the state feels that merely by owning this shotgun, I would surely go crazy and mow down dozens of innocent people!). So my question is......what do Saiga 12 shooters think of the Saiga? Is its as reliable as the M4?
  11. Nemesis


    I do run a fixed stock (Cali). You do have to alter your check weld as the sights are not co-witnessed. The mount just blocks the irons. Even without the LaRue mount, you cannot get a co-witness. Nonetheless, you can get an actual checkweld a bit higher on the stock. I used to run an Aimpoint M3 and like the T-1 better. The T-1 is the perfect shotgun optic.
  12. Nemesis


    I also run the Aimpoint T1 / La Rue low mount combo. Absolutely superb!
  13. I have used an Aimpoint M3, EOTech 552 and a T1 on my M4. My favorite is the T1 (although I am not using the La Rue mount). Obviously, the biggest reason is that it is much lighter and the dot is lower to the bore. You can also get a better checkweld because it is lower. I actually think the ergonmics are superior to the other products (it has a nice, big and clearly marked illumination dial). The battery life is also superb. I had worred about a reduction in dot acquisition time, but this has not been the case. My minor quibble is that it is a 4 MOA dot instead of a 2 M
  14. Mudhen, You are right as I am ex-military. Used to getting my way......my wife would laugh at that one! My post was not meant to be a conduit to Benelli CS--I actually called CS. My post was a note to share the with M4 community on Benelli CS which initially said "no" on this repair. I believe in reporting the truth--good bad or ugly. As I said, I love my Benelli (have posted to this effect) and this is the one and only issue that I have had. And guess what? I actually had heard back from Benelli. They will take the shotgun back and they said that they have seen this befor
  15. Funny Tucker. You seem to pick a fight on every thread you get on. On the threads you keep quoting, you managed to pick a fight with 2 other guys while I was trying to solve a problem. Perhaps you should find something more constructive to do? You also seem to take an affront to anyone who questions the perfection that is Benelli. Yet you seemed to bash the R1 rifle from what I recall. I guess you are the only one who can dish it out. Not checking a mount that is red loctited down hardly qualified as "abuse and neglect." You start turning those screws and you break down the
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