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  1. Extended Mag tube for the M4? Does anyone know of, or had any first hand experience with the various outfits that are manufacturing these? Thanks!
  2. The ext tube is no big thing, I would just as soon purchase an aftermarket one if worse comes to worse. Thanks for the info on the stock, if the stock doesn't fall through I phoned Benelli and they gave me a list of their Law Enforcement dealers. My FFL and dept letter head should cover it as long as they are not back ordered. Thanks again!
  3. In desperate need of the skeleton stock for my model 11707 M4. Part # 70085 I wouldn’t mind a factory 2 shot ext tube either; though I have stopped praying for that piece long ago. Does anyone have any leads where I might find this stock at retail or a tad above? I found one dealer on Gunbroker in N.Y. who has about twelve of the M4 stocks, and he’s only asking close to $400.00 each, such a bargain I think I will purchase two of them. Any leads will be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!
  4. I hear what you are saying about their customer service. My present Benelli is a Camo Super Black Eagle. When I purchased it I had also grabbed an accessory bag containing the Camo Ext tube\parts. Needless to say when I got everything home the ext tube would not fit. ( one thread was a so slightly buggered I could not get it to start ). Several calls to Benelli and 17 months later still no replacement tube. Heck, it took three different people and over an hour before anyone on the phone could figure out what the ext tube was. As a matter of fact ( It’s been so long ) if I remember correctly they sent me the part schematic for the shotgun via fax. This was for me to “ circle the part " I was talking about and then to fax back to them! Still no tube over 1 ½ years later. [ 10-16-2004, 03:34 PM: Message edited by: The Specialist ]
  5. Hello Benelli Forum members! This is my first post and I am happy to meet you all. Today I noticed in my online dealer act a NIB Left over M1014 at one of my Distributors. Priced at $1195.00 Like most of you here the first thing that came to mind was getting that good looking stock to do the right thing. After reading through this thread I am not sure buying the 1014 would be a wise choice now. Trying to finagle the damm thing to work. As a dealer and LEO I believe I can order a 11707P with both stocks. I guess my ? is now that the ban has lifted and the tables are turned in our favor would you 1014 owners still lay down $1200.00 bucks for a fixed Skel stock model?
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