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  1. 69cooters


    Where can I get a full set of stock shims for my SBE? Matt
  2. Mudhen, When waterfowling, I've had problems with cylcing in my SBE. It's clean and lubed with Rem oil. But, does the padding in my warm coat hinder the recoil system? I've heard talk about a sharp throat. What does that mean, and how can I check and cure it? Matt
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions, I will try them out during the conservation order season. The fall has really sucked for waterfowl here in eastern Iowa. Matt
  4. Candian Hunter, I shoot a Paternmaster and seem to have very good, even patterns with 3 1/2 supreme BB's for geese (but most shells pattern well through it). Matt
  5. I am an avid waterfowler, and I have had my Benelli for sometime now. although with some problems as of late. First it is a H&K SBE ser# U0530_ _ Last year while in Canada, goose hunting, and I had some miss-feed's. I degreased the entire action and spayed a LITE coat of Rem. oil on it. That seemed to help for awhile. Since then however it has been getting more and more of a problem. A friend said something about my return spring, so a started watching the gun when I had problems. Indeed, that was the problem. The rotary bolt was not rotating to it's needed position.
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