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  1. Hi to all, i would like to share my experience with this great gun that i bought 1 week ago. I first shoot it at the range with winchester shells (1 1/8 oz, 1200 fps), 100 rounds non stop without any problem, without any bruise or bad recoil. My first time with the benelli, i was always shot a beretta. Yesterday i went duck hunting (no luck), i was using Remington HeviShot (3', 1450 fps, 1 1/4 oz, no 4) and Remington Nitro-Magnum Steel (3", 1390 fps, 1 1/4 oz, no2). The thing is that i felt more recoil with the steel shot, i didn't felt the same way with the HeviShot. So
  2. thanks GB for the info. i didn't know it. by the way, from where did u get it and how much it weight? thanks in advance. and as EFLOYD said, it shouldn't be a big difference between them. i grew up also in hunters family. and when i was 10, i was shooting a single 12g, and then a SxS french made(robuste-st ethienne) and it was sooo light (so kick too much) and never bothered me. that the way hunt goes, what my dad said to me.
  3. hi, i am new to the forum, that i found great. i think they made a SBEII non-comforttech to be able to put a recoil reducer in the stock. because as i know u can't install one in the comforttech stock. just for whom who like to add it in their gun and to add weight also. hope this help, and have a good hunt.
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