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  1. its pretty **** good hunting
  2. have u hunted around north idaho
  3. hey idaho ducker where was this picture taken it looks like mayb the st joe river
  4. its makes it funner where as fast as u can load your gun there coming in in flocks
  5. yea acuattly i do live in an isolated area ppl around here are used to me shooting behind my house
  6. well here in idaho the robo duck is legal so it helps **** that pull string ****
  7. i have an opinion use a 3 1/2 inch magnum load and itll take geese out of the air at 75+ yards so im sure it has a good pattern make sure u get hevi shot
  8. im not gonna reach for my shot gun when i hear that so called "bump" in middle of the night im gonna reach for my 44 magnum
  9. the easiest way do go about doing this is get a bore snake for one they work excellent doesnt leave a thing in the barrell [ 03-27-2005, 08:48 PM: Message edited by: Nelli Girl ]
  10. im gonna say the same thing that (cuz they fly) said but there are days towards the end of the season when they get shy of flappers and only thing that works better then a flapper is a swimmer or dabbler duck ...creating ripples with your feet works also
  11. wilson

    sbe vs sbe II

    hey drundel what do u mean give it more drop?
  12. wilson

    SBE Jams

    some days u get a vacation
  13. wilson

    gel recoil pad

    i dont think its the pad have u thought about how u throw your gun upon your shoulder maybe its too big for u
  14. i got my sbe2 back in january ive allready shot close to 300 rnds through it and it never jammed not even once im really impressed with benelli
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