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  1. I love people who can distill a question down to a simple answer. Apparently 2 1/2' shells are very popular in english upland guns. You're right about the barrells though. Both of my newer Benelli's call for 2 3/4" or 3" shells. Probably best to leave it at that. Thanks fo the reply. Steve
  2. I'm only sure of what I saw on the B&P website. 12 ga 2 1/2" listed as "High Pheasant" I think it's accurate. I've never shot 2 1/2" shells, hence the question. Maybe they're big sellers in Italy!!! JSM
  3. I probably should have been more clear. I know my guns will cycle light loads, and I know I can kill Pheasant with light loads. The question is, will my Benelli's cycle 2-1/2" light loads? I've never shot anything bu 2-3/4" shells. JSM
  4. I have a few Benelli's, including a 12 ga Legacy Sport and a !2 ga Super Sport. I usually hunt Pheasant with pointers and have no need to pound my shoulder into jello. The question is this...B&P make a 1 oz, 2-1/2" Pheasant load at 2-3/4 Dram and 1160 fps. I know from experience that light loads like this will cycle my guns, but what about the 2-1/2" length??? Any B&P fans out there?
  5. JSM

    SL80 123...Steel Shot?

    Thanks for the replies. I was aware that most newer "screw in" full chokes will not allow steel shot. I suppose the same would probably apply to the older fixed chokes. Anyway, according to my wife, I have too many other field guns to choose from. She just doesn't understand just how much I really like my old Benelli! JSM
  6. Pheasant season is just around the corner. This is the first time I've been faced with the prospect of having to shoot steel shot. Do any of you experts out there know whether the older Benelli barrells are compatible with steel? It's a full choke barrell. JSM
  7. The short answer will always be to shoot the gun that fits you the best and you're most comfortable with. Nothing else matters when a gun doesn't fit. As for a dedicated trap gun, five years ago I would have gone with the Trap junkies and said you need a "real" trap gun. Today I don't believe that. For singles (16 yd), almost any gun will do provided it fits well and shoots where you look. However, in the long run, if you do a lot of target shooting, you will either want a heavier gun, an auto, or a gun with a recoil system. Recoil is a cumulative problem. Eventually your brain will rebe
  8. Tucker301, Thanks for the thoughtful reply. It is threaded. I was able to get it out this afternoon using a magnifying glass and two small Xacto blades, to very carefully screw it out. Before putting it back in with Loctite, I put a small stainless pin in the hole to prevent it from screwing itself in again. I guess I'd rather lose it than try this operation again! After looking at the size of the bead, I can't even imaging trying to drill this thing out. JSM
  9. I've had a Super Sport for a few years now. Great gun, I've put over 10,000 shells through it and never had a single problem until now. The mid bead seems to have come loose and threaded itself down into the rib to a point where the top of the bead is level with the rib. There isn't enough of the bead showing to grab and twist out. Has anyone had this problem or have a suggestion for removing it? Yes, I do use the mid bead to keep my gun mount consistent. JSM
  10. Thanks for the response. It was helpful. Benelli did respond to my e-mail and let me know that I could order one from Mann & Sons in Illinois. Should be here sometime in the next couple months. I think Benelli is still shipping via steam ships accross the Atlantic. Mann & Sons is located about 20 miles from the new shooting complex that will be hosting the Grand in 2006. JSM
  11. I had read on Tom Knapp's website a while back that Benelli was making a "high cheek piece" for the Super Sport. I had the impression that it would replace the gel pad at the comb. This would be for trap of course. Has anyone seen or heard anything on this? Even with the shims set for the max height on the comb, the gun still shoots a little flat.
  12. The answer depends on what shim you have installed in the stock. I recently purchased a Super Sport for my son's birthday. He did reluctantly let me try the gun from the 16 yard line. The gun came with the "B" shim installed. With that shim, you have to cover the target with the bead. We switched to the "X" shim and now it works a little bit more like a trap gun with the two posts forming a figure 8 and you place the front bead just about a foot under the target. He regularly shoots over 92% with his old Model 12 and is now shooting over that with his new Benelli. [ 02-14-2005, 05:51
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