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Everything posted by Sepehr

  1. i think u should try and post in the stoeger section
  2. it looks cool but i like the other 1 better
  3. Sepehr

    SBEII Makover

    that would look sick man how much does it cost to do that ?
  4. even doh u might not need the 3.5 , but i think its good to have it. ppl always want the best they can get. that includes me.
  5. cool.. ty for the info tucker and slayer
  6. i did but, i was comparing the old sbe ll with the new sbe ll with comfortech not the sbe ll with out the comfortech
  7. whats the diff between the old SBE ll and the new SBE ll all i see is a price diff
  8. i dun know but , SBE ll is same az the old sbe, i think the major diffrence is the recoil redocer on the SBE ll
  9. what do ya all think about this gun? [ 02-23-2005, 11:18 PM: Message edited by: Sepehr ]
  10. benelli has updated all der guns i think ! and they rasied the price for the SBE ll
  11. Sepehr


    i was wondering if u guys would post some pics on hunting and stuff
  12. i live in canada , i was wondering if der is any way of buying my firearams in usa and then bring them to canada , caz it would be much cheaper
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