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  1. Would love to see some pics of the m80 installed. Thanks
  2. I will be getting with Russ F. to quote some prices. I will give update. Thanks
  3. Sorry for the delay on info. but I have had lots of projects with my business. I hope to get back to the projects in the next week. I have a machine shop lined up but need to meet with them before I can get a quote. As for fitting the m3 I am not sure as I do not have any of these parts to model from. But I need to finish these projects in the pipeline before I take on anymore. I have these 2 on the m4 and 2 on the 556 going on. Thanks
  4. UPDATE: Here is a few pics. of the ABS prototype of the possible hammer. And in the trigger pack Thanks
  5. Mine is marked LE on the side, SN is in lower Y0083XX range TM is TM111XX about 3 years old
  6. UPDATE: I have a prototype being made of the hammer, it is being made from ABS for now just to validate the design elements. When I get it in I will post a picture. Thanks
  7. I went ahead and reverse engineered the hammer for a possible replacement part here is the cad file. I figured I might as well get the design and a quote for it as well. We will see how this one plays out as this would be a fire control part and would have a huge liability if sold this way. Anyway let me know what you think and also any potential interest in this part.
  8. Chui, I was going to review this with the machine shop, but any advice would be helpful. Send me an email at sales AT nversestudios.com. Thanks
  9. I know everyone wants a great deal, but there will be cost involved. A target of price would be helpful as I will not pursue it if people want them for an unreasonable cheap price. The pistons will have to be converted from solidworks to mastercam, cut on a lathe and then sent out to be hardened and then parkerized or teflon coated none of this is cheap. I had seen a guy selling used gas pistons as spare parts anyone remember what they were going for? Just trying to get us some US parts! Also, looking at the hammer but how and the heck do you get the clip off of the pin
  10. What type of interest would there be if I had a small batch of Gas Pistons made for the M4? I am going to visit with my machine shop and they are going to want to know a qty. before they quote a price. I have 5 sets already spoken for if it works out. This is a quick sample of my solidworks file that was reversed engineered from the pistons that are in my 11707. Let me know, thanks
  11. I was thinking of having some pistons made for parts count. I was working on some cad drawings for them using my M4LE as the guide. But then I remember people saying that there are various piston designs. I have no probelm compleating the design using mine as a model but are these the same as others? I think I have the 4 port model. Here is a 70% complete design for the pistion (still some work needed). Let me know what you all think. Thanks
  12. I did not think this was the case but this is a gun from a big box sporting goods chain not a local gun dealer. The guy stated this is a new gun as they dont take trades they only deal in new gun sales. Anyway I thought it was strange as this one was not as I understood them to be.
  13. I did not know this model came this way, but I saw one at my local dealer for sale. Had the flag and 1014 as part of the Serial number. I thought that the 11707 was the only one that shipped from factory with the tube that could collapse. I tried it and it did collapse down. They also had a M2 tactical there, was lighter than the M4 but did not seem to be as solid and the finish was not that great. Thanks [ 07-13-2006, 01:24 PM: Message edited by: kendal ]
  14. Good input guys keep the ideas comming and I will pass it on. I will let him take a look at my forend light on my 94 and see what he thinks. I know one diffrence with it and the current forend on the m4 is 1 piece vs. 2 piece. One question he asked is if the forend is interchangeabel with any other Benelli other than the m4.
  15. Have a guy that is looking to make some but wants to know how much interest there may be. Cost about $10K for tooling. Could be a direct replacement or have the area of the forend grip vertical slots replaced with rough textured surface. The LEO guys I have talked to are requesting this as it would make a better grip for bare or gloved hand. Would have “Made in US” and Mfg. info. Stamped into the inside of the forend Anyway let me know what you all think.
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