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  1. I have patterned the SBE II full choke with several different loads and I’m not real excited with the results!! All shots @35yds - First tried Remington – Premier H.V. 3” #5, next Kent ‘ultimate’ 3.5” #5, then Winchester Supreme 3.5” #5 – I was not pleased with any of the results- don't get me wrong it I'll kill but – My buddies were shooting super870’s with hevi-shot chokes with the same loads and just smashing the paper. I am wondering has anyone found that deadly combo of aftermarket choke and load for the SBEII. oh, what are fed flight control loads? More Info would be grea
  2. I just got an SBE II - is the thread pattern the same as other Benelli guns? If I want to buy an aftermarket choke - and it states for Benelli/Beretta - wil it fit?????? I want to make sure before I purchase one - Oh I am looking for an extended possibly ported choke to shoot geese with 3.5's any suggestions for a choke and load combo THanks for lookin'
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