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  1. Hello all, Just wondering if you one had experiences with the followign three items. They all 3 seem to be targeted at the same problem. Daves is the cheaper simplier solution but not sure of how great it works. The GG&G item is a bit pricey, and the Prog. Machine I can't find much information on. Any thoughts or experience with all 3 of these items? It is for on a M2 tactical for H.D. DMW Speedbar For Benelli 20.00 GG&G Benelli Tactical Bolt Release Pad 120.00 Prog. Machine Benelli Extended Bolt/Carrier Release Button 45.00 Thanks, lj
  2. If you produced a tellescoping stock for the M2 your demand would go up segnificantly also.
  3. Darn, that was dumb of me... Thanks... I guess now, does any one know anything about them?
  4. Hello, Sorry if I put this in the wrong forum. Just curious does any one know if these are available for individual personal party sale in the USA? If so where can i get one? Brugger & Thomet Benelli m1 handgaurd. (sorry they won't let me post a link yet) Thanks, lilj.
  5. okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, thanks
  6. Hello All, First post here. I was wondering if anyone knew if the M4 collapsible stock will fit an M3? If not are their any colaps. stck available for the M3? Thanks, lj [ 03-04-2005, 01:50 PM: Message edited by: little_john ]
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