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  1. Depending on who you talk to... 2004-2005. C
  2. Heck... I might want to buy the finished product.
  3. It's a great price, and I'd buy it myself in a hot minute if I didn't already have two... but this particular forum has way more M4 guys than M2 guys, so I suggest you try and sell it on the Brian Enos forums...the place is swimming in M2 3-gun competitors. C
  4. I can think of only one distinct benefit to having a reflex on a shotgun, and that is where the shooter has focus issues. I find them beneficial on a handgun... but not yet on a shotgun. "Yet" being the operative word. C
  5. Good to see a LGS not gouging... $1200 is about MSRP as I recall.
  6. What ever happened to the ammo testing?
  7. Pop over to the Brian Enos shotgun technical forums... there a several threads on M2 latch mods, from polishing to deepening the 'U' notches to allow more flex in the latch. Start simple and work your way up to the more aggressive mods if needed. C
  8. A few years ago, heckler&kochp2000 posted a link here to a gent who fit a Supernova collapsible stock to one, after that... good luck finding much in the way of MR1 specific accessories. Although a typical well made Benelli piece, the gun is pretty much a sales failure for Benelli due to it's incompatibility with most common AR parts, and little to no sales to military... but you got one for a good price, so you did well in that regard with your future collectors item. Hang on to it and enjoy it... chances are it will be discontinued at some point and as with most things of that na
  9. Probably... and I say probably, a M2 rail from Mesa Tactical would fit. C
  10. If you click this link and scroll down to "2013 Beretta / Benelli In-Field Armorer Course Schedule"... this perhaps hints to use by LEOs in the US. C
  11. Sure... no problem. Sapphire is in the mail, right? Did ya' know that Mesa Tactical is working on a 12.5" LOP straight stock... pretty much just like the PG Urbino, but no PG. It's called the "Apache Project" for now, with the first production version for the M4... then more to follow, with the M2 somewhere in the mix. C
  12. Alrighty then... I removed the stock from my M2T to determine this... so you owe me a bottle of Bombay Sapphire. The shim is .059" thick all the way around and marked 'B'. No cast, and according to the chart, a 60mm offset. The plate in the rear that goes under the nut is marked 'B-SX/A-DX" on on side and 'B-DX/A-SX" on the other side. The hole in the plate is offset in two directions from center. These parts come from what Benelli calls a "drop change kit". If you go to page 84 in the manual, what I'm using corresponds to drop change schedule 'B'. I have several other shim
  13. Yep... if it's DC, the batteries can die... you don't always see the "low battery" light. If it's AC, you can lose power. Either way, no gun for you. Make sure you get something that has fast manual access if/when the current stops. In the office I have a Paragon 7501 with a electronic (AA batteries) touch key pad that will accept anything from 3 to 8 numbers (speed ~ security... your call), and back-up cylinder key access. Not saying it's the best... just saying to look for that manual access feature. I got the Paragon for about $400. C
  14. Nope, not "remove and replace". You need appropriate shims and lock plates. See the schematic, items 3 & 8. Yes, I know, there are lots of 3 and 8 parts. Look in your owners manual to ID what you'll need. I might have the parts laying around... I'll take a look tomorrow. At least I can tell you what specific parts you need. C
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