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  1. Don't know if this will help, but Matchsaverz does have a youtube video showing their product in operation on a Benelli M4. It doesn't show the installation, but maybe watching the video and viewing the location that they used might help. They also have a video showing some of the installation process of installing a Matchsaver on a Benelli M2. Although it doesn't give any definite information pertaining to the M4 it does point out how to choose a location and also mentions that the Matchsaverz can be installed using velcro pads with adhesive for a temporary location, or to test a location
  2. How about a Sig Sauer MPX pistol? AR-like platform, so it's easy to charge. Light weight and can be shot with two hands with arms extended or from the hip. 9MM so recoil is mild. Can be had in pistol form to minimize the size.
  3. Thanks for the pics. Looks like a great setup. My only concern would be the height of the mount. Personally I would prefer something a little more low profile. I know that the riser can be removed and a lower Holosun mount can be used. Been hearing great things about Holosun red dots. Here's a link to a torture test of the Holosun 503G. It might not be Aimpoint tough, but it seems pretty tough and the price is a lot lower. For many who would like a red dot tough enough for military use (or close) but don't want to spend the price, this may be the ticket. Hope it works out for you. http://www
  4. Thanks for the update. Like I said, I've heard nothing but good about Holosun and will probably give one a try. Primary arms sells a lot of red dots and other optics that are produced in China and they seem to get rave reviews in most cases. In fact if I would check, I would be willing to bet that many top brands are produced in China today. That's just the global community that we live in today. In a perfect world, we all could afford an Aimpoint or Trijicon on every firearm that we own, but when you own several different firearms, it isn't always possible to put the ultimate optic on every
  5. Thanks for the post and please do update it to let us know how it works out. I've looked at Holosun products and although I usually avoid Chinese made products like the plague, I have to admit I'm thinking about trying one. I've heard nothing but good about their products and the price is awfully appealing. I own Aimpoints and know they are quality products, but sometimes it would be nice to get by without spending the high price that Aimpoints and other similar products command. It might be too much to wish for, but it would be nice to find a product at a more reasonable price that can be
  6. I might give your suggestion a try. On the other hand, I had in the past, considered buying the bare Benelli C-stock and transferring the internal parts from the ProMag into it, thinking that it was the ProMag frame that was inferior. Many (not all) of the replacement parts for the C-stock are available and I would think that they would interchange with the ProMag parts. The only reason I haven't done that was that the price on the original Benelli C-stock has dropped dramatically from the panic induced pricing the last few years. Now that the price on the original Benelli is once again rea
  7. Thank you M2_shootr for your help. Replacing the internals is a great way to improve the M4, but I'm just a little funny about keeping the internals stock. As far as the ProMag stock, I purchased it when it was first introduced at a great price thinking that it was going to be better quality than it turned out to be. So rather than just let that be a waste, I wanted to see if I could use the pistol grip with the Benelli C-stock and still be 922R compatible and not have to spend more money and change any internal parts. The pistol grip part of the ProMag C-stock package is totally indistin
  8. I know this subject has been discussed extensively but I have a possibly new question that I have not seen addressed and would appreciate an opinion from those who are more well versed than myself. I have a Benelli M4 that for personal reasons would like to keep as stock as possible, but at the same time I would like to make some changes to it. I have read that in order to maintain compliance with the 922R ruling, in order to install a full length magazine tube, you would have to replace 3 original parts with US made parts. The list of those 13 parts as set forth by Federal law is as follow
  9. I had the same problem with their 922R tactical compliant forends. The forends fit very poorly and actually had to be filed down on the end before they would fit. Plus on the top edges there were several small cosmetic defects. When I contacted them about the problem, they told me that my M4 must be out of spec. I asked about a replacement, hoping that perhaps I just got a bad part, but was told that if this one did not fit, then all of the rest of them were the same and exchanging it wouldn't make a difference, but like mentioned before, they did offer a refund. I really wanted to stick
  10. Count me in. One way or the other I'm going to have to get one of these. Thanks for the offer.
  11. I would never have had the nerve to use a torch on a $1800 Benelli shot gun even as carefully as I'm sure badkins100 did. I just would not have been able to do it. When I replaced the magazine tube on my M4 with a Carriercomp tube I used a heat gun, and to be honest, I didn't even want to use that for fear of doing some damage, because if anything is going to go wrong, it is going to happen to me. But after hearing numerous reports that it worked and would not damage anything I finally began, although with a lot of trepidation. Having never had the need for a heat gun before, I figured that
  12. WOW, what a beautiful shot gun, especially the one with the nickel plated engraved receiver.
  13. I know that Freedom Fighters makes many fine accessories for the M4 to help with 922/r compliance. Does anyone know of another source for US made forends that duplicate the appearance of the factory M4 forends?
  14. Thanks for the generous offer. Just out of curiosity can I ask where these are sold? I have never seen these listed even in the Benelli store. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
  15. I would be interested in that as well. I just recently swapped out my original Benelli magazine tube for the Carrier Comp full length tube. While I had the gun apart I picked up each of the two tubes in my hands, and I was surprised, the Carrier Comp titanium tube was noticeably lighter than the shorter Benelli tube. I was really surprised that I could easily notice so much of a difference in weight just by picking them up, especially since the Benelli tube is shorter and I did not have the plastic extension on it. If I had a scale I would have measured the weight of both. By the way,
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