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  1. @StrangerDanger I will give Cerakote a shot, thanks. @truckcop I believe their plating business was not profitable and they elected to stop doing it. They still do work on polymer framed pistols.
  2. I procrastinated on getting my M4 coated and missed the proverbial boat. Robar did a Sig 226 in Roguard/NP3 for me that is perfect. I want to get the outside parts of my M4 coated. I care about the receiver, barrel and magazine tube. I do not need NP3 on the parts (although it would be a nice to have) @StrangerDanger is there an outfit you would recommend to do some sort of coating similar to Roguard or Black Teflon? I am worried about having someone doing Cerakote as the tolerances are tight. Robar knew how to do a Benelli. who else can we trust?
  3. JustBC


    Thanks everyone! @strangerdanger, I am thinking about getting the externals done with Roguard, not NP3. I don't fancy a shiny shotgun, at least I didn't until I saw yours. That is a sweet piece of work! :-) I am not that worried about corrosion. The main reason behind doing this is I have the FFT extended mag tube and the color doesn't match as well as I would like. I was thinking about having the internals coated with NP3 though. Your description pushed me over the edge, NP3 it is! I was going to leave the pistons be, I thought they were stainless. Are they worth plating as well? Than
  4. JustBC


    Has anyone sent their M4 to Robar for their Roguard/NP3 treatment? If so how did it come out? Any problems? Was it worth it? Thanks!
  5. I have a steel 2 round FFT magazine extension for sale. I ended up buying a full length one. I am looking for $95 shipped CONUS. Pictures on request. Thanks.
  6. JustBC

    Shotgun light

    It took awhile but I finally got around to purchasing the IWC mount. It works just fine with my InForce WML.I attached a couple pictures. Fit and finish are great, it is nicely machined. I really liker having a QD sling now. It makes takedown much less annoying.The only negative feedback I have is the color doesn't quite match the barrel. . I guess I need to send everything off for the Roguard/NP3 treatment at Robar. Does this cycle ever end? ;-)
  7. I never did get around to posting a pic. M1014, I appreciate your help my Benelli brother.
  8. JustBC

    M4 Parts FS

    Bump on the forearm
  9. The unit is holding up well. I have been shooting a lot of slugs so that should be pounding on it. No issues with auto-on/off. Seems like they have worked out the kinks.
  10. JustBC

    M4 Parts FS

    I will take the factory forearm set. PM me with your PP info.
  11. JustBC

    my M1014 pics

    Thanks, please let me know.
  12. JustBC

    my M1014 pics

    Where did you get the bolt release button? Can you post a link?
  13. Brownells has schematics that will give you most of the part numbers. http://www.brownells.com/schematics/Benelli-U-S-A--mid97.aspx
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