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  1. Hey Fuzzhead44...Don't know if you've gotten your Benelli yet, but I live in the Tulsa area, and a sporting goods store called Dong's had the SBEII with the steady grip. You might give them a call and see if they still have them. Oklahoma is right next door. The number is 918-834-7989. Hope you get one before the season opens!
  2. Well I'm learning how to turkey hunt. Pretty good at calling them up. But always trying to improve and learn pointers from other successful hunters. This is only my 3rd season, so still learning different tips and techniques. In 2 years 4 guys that hunt together have harvested 9 birds. Not bad for 4 rookies.
  3. Tucker301..I have a video from Primos, and near the end they said in patterning their guns, they try to get 90% of their pellets in a 30 inch circle at 30 yards, and that has given them a good pattern out to 40-45 yards. The 30 inch circle is to see where (hopefully) most of your shot is hitting. ie high, low, left, right or right on. Still have to get about 5 pellets in the head and neck to harvest a gobbler.
  4. Mudhen, could you give me the specs on the shot pattern. ie...distance, shell type, length, shot size? Also did you use a 30 inch circle with that target? Thanks in advance for the info...Smokey
  5. Thanks for the reply and the shot pattern. Now I can't wait to get to the range tomorrow, to see how I do. I know what you mean about trying to be sure to squeeze the trigger, instead of anticipating that recoil. Thanks again, and happy and safe hunting.....Smokey
  6. I agree with tucker301, there really is no best call on the market. I've used several with pretty good success getting birds in close. But H.S. Strut makes and Anodized Aluminum call called the Black Magic. It has an acrylic striker, and can be used in any weather. But if it's not damp when you're hunting, I perfer using the Rosewood or Hickory striker with it. It makes great purrs, yelps, clucks, and with practice, you can cut real good with it also. A diaphram call is probably best when turkeys get real close, because you can keep both hands on your gun and there's less movement so as not to spook your bird. Hope this helps out!
  7. Hello. My name is Smokey, and I recently bought the 12 Ga. SBEII Steady Grip shotgun. It has the double beads on the barrel. When turkey hunting could someone tell me how should I line up the beads, and where should I aim ie..middle of the neck, base of the neck...etc. I was trap shooting to break in my new gun, and an older gentleman told me to make a figure 8 with the beads. In other words, put the beads in line, but have the front bead on top of the back bead. Is that correct for turkey hunting also? Thanks in advance for responding!
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