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  1. ] This is me in North Texas on Goose Hunt this past season... -Super post guys with awesome pics, -tucker301- your collage is awesome what a great idea, you should make it into a poster. As an outdoor websmaster - writer , I have never seen one like that yet... If you had folks send you thier various pics, you might be able to sell those... As for the cat tail like pic frame, if you find a plug in like that please PM with it.. It seems more of the graphic folks tend to be tree huggers... -This post was a great example of how hard core Benelli owners are with duck hunting!! Keep on [ 02-24-2006, 02:17 PM: Message edited by: CuzTheyFly ]
  2. Nice photos, great looking gun dog!
  3. Last season in N Texas... We are getting close to waterfowl..
  4. CuzTheyFly

    Duck calls

    Nothing that expensive, but I got a new Duck Commander Mule -ready for a work out..My Dad really likes his new $100.00 RNT..
  5. Stocking foot waders if you hunt bad mud, or have narrow to small feet. They tend to get very cold up north and in the midwest... Go with waders until you get a few duck hunts under your belt... they are warmer, and give you more options.. Where ever you hunt take a partner with you while starting out. While ducks are not a dangerous animal, the activities it takes to hunt them can get real dangerous. Water-mud-boats,ect.. As a fat hunter, when suited up I can not see my own feet...lol (keeps me warm and ready) I like my new waders with a huge zipper on them... That way I stay warm, and can relieve all the Duck Commander coffee we injest while carrying decoys and hiking to the hole in the dark...
  6. Thanks, you could tell we were duck hunters pretending to be quail hunters... I think the general will be back with us for duck season this year..He wants a nice Canvas back. I still look forward to getting to hunt with him for more than a few hours... otherwise I will disapear with Peaches ,to go even the score on some Bobwhite Quail...lol... [*]http://www.txdovehunt.com/General_MRS-Singelton-Peaches_03.jpg
  7. Here is new pic from Truscott, hope they hold tight up there, we sure are gonna throw some shells at them this year!!!!
  8. Last season we hosted the "General" at our ranch in Truscott Texas. It was for his American Bird Hunter show on the Outdoor Channel. .Sure was a fun hunt and his gun dog Peaches is awesome... However, his lightweight Benelli's were so much fun to chase Quail with all day.. We Quail-DUCK-Goose Hunted for about four days in North Texas. While I tried my best to have him leave me a Benelli, all I got was these pictures...lol, it sure was fun and they have some great shooting shotguns!!!
  9. I will, he shoots just as well in person as on TV.... Very good with a shotgun...And his little Brittany is a bird hunting machine....
  10. Had a great hunt with Dave and "Peaches" in North Texas... Show will run around X-mas..
  11. Now that is a big ole blind.... Where is the SaT & Big Screen... nice project...
  12. Gun Dogs pic Quail Hunting North Texas
  13. Crowell & Truscott Texas
  14. CuzTheyFly


    pics to post..
  15. Yes they work but take extra set up and attention. I like the new swimmer decoys, they make up for my horrible duck calling skills... Motion decoys of most any kind work.
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