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  1. From a Browning Gold Hunter to Benelli Super Black Eagle? The Duckmen are now sponsored by the big "B"... -pic is Phil Robertson (DuckCommander) and his Brother Tommy the Blind Builder... picken ducks..
  2. We use Truglo Titan Adjustable Choke Tubes... They work real well and have 8 adjustment positions...
  3. Blackwater FUD GOOSE DECOYS-And a few Ure-a-duck Goose decoys with movement... The BW FUDs have great movement on the water....
  4. Nothing Beats a real fast food dinner!!!!
  5. We like Hevi-shot...It pounds game hard...I do not like the price of it though... My Dad shot 3 turkeys last spring with one Hevi-Shot Turk load... I heard Remington is not carrying it this year, the licsense goes back to the original company that created it....Environ....something... so it will be a bit cheaper... The reason it works so well, is that the shot pellets are not uniform pellets..they look like pieces of slag rock...frayed ends, different sizes, when the shell is fired, the pellets have better distance and penetration because they are different sizes and weights
  6. Nice hunt, Hey that truck is what they use for decoys in both Mexico and Argentina.... You guys shot some nice big geese, we just get lessers down here in Texas...
  7. Dang even the ducks are rich in Cali...nice jewelry picture.. We had no choice on the refuges, as it was high school years for us back then... Every hunt was also a long road trip from Thousand Oaks. You a California Water Fowl member? You folks take duck clubs to whole different level out there...$$$$
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