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  1. Im looking for a choke tube for my nova pump and i dont know where to find one or what one to get. Any suggestions?
  2. True, you can say whatever you want, but, the fact of the matter is that I'm trying to promote a product that works unbeleivably well, and it works without little effort from the people that use Control Tower Decoys. Also, the people that have bought these aren't mindless nor are they geniuses. They are regular people that like to go out and have fun hunting, just like you and anyone else that hunts. But the people that have bought these decoys have found that you enjoy hunting more when you are constantly shooting at geese or just watching geese come at you at five feet off the ground. Thank
  3. The people that have hunted with them and used them say that these decoys are wroth every penny. Im not trying to be rude but you can't say anything until you have hunted with them.
  4. I came here "fishing" for an opening to let other people in on them. I'm trying to get the word out is all. Yuo don't have to agree with me or like what I'm saying, I just wanted to show you guys "Hey, here's something new, give it a shot," and to see if anyone wanted to come and see what they are like. It is also true that a business rarely makes profit in the first three years anyway, so, since we are in our fourth year, business should pick up. You don't have to do anything, I just wanted to see who was interested. You don't have to be no big deal. Oh, and simp, it's the same with Rich's
  5. Alright, I will take your criticism. First off, people don't pay triple what they are worth. Anybody that has hunted with them knows that they are worth what they pay. Just like Benellis slogan "Performance worth the Price," these are worth it. Benelli offer a SBE II at what price, over a $1,000 new, for some metal and plastic put together. I'm not critcising them, I own a Nova myself, but why doesn't every other gun maufacturer charge over a $1,000 dollars for their best gun. They can't. Why? Because it's not worth that. But Benelli's are worth it, just like Rich's decoys. We don't sell deco
  6. ok again all you need is six decoys, thats it no calling, no other ground sets, all you need is the decoys, a gun, some camo and a breeze with that you are set how much has the average hunter spent on groundsets all-together? I have friends that are 16 and 17 years old and they've spent over $200 on ground sets already and I congratulate you on being able to bring birds in
  7. before you contact rich, send me an email so i kno who is interested and when u might be available to hunt next season Thanks in advance Vic
  8. alright, to MOFOWLER, contact Rich Gilsdorf at Gilsdorf Canvas and Awning, located at 410 S Summit View Drive, Fort Collins,CO (970)-224-2042, mind you, this is a hunt to demo decoys and show people see what we have, not to be rude but this is for potential clients, and there is no catch all you have to do is contact my father, Rich, and make an appointment for someday next season to tucker, how many dozen did you buy? and you only need six of ours with no calling, all you have to do is wait and watch 'em come in
  9. I just bought a nova. If it flies, it dies. I also use it to shoot the occasional abiit, skeet, trap, coyotes w/#00 Buck but geese are my favorite
  10. This is after about an hour, hour and a half of hunting . If you dont beleive, come hunt with us next season.
  11. the thing is how much did you spend on your ground decoys all together? i ask because with ours all you need is six and for non-believers, i say again, we provide one free hunt per customer we also donated a some to ducks unlimited
  12. also how do you add pictures to your post?
  13. Go to my dads website www.rgoutdoors.com, he got video and stuff on their for people to see. but we dont call, and we only hunt with like 25 decoys. im not complaining its just i dont kno how everyone else hunts. just to prove how good they work, we even take people on free hunts.
  14. Nice Work. I ask because my dad developed some decoys that you use when the wind blows and I don't ever have a chance to use ground sets or hunt over water. Do you call too? Or do you just sit and wait for them to come into your spread?
  15. GooseDown18


    I own a nova and i think its just the metal slides that scrape against the plastic mine makes that same noise
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