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  1. che52: I was woundering does the 20 gauge fit you differently then the 12 ga.? Maybe that can explain the better results. It is always exciting when you find something that makes you shoot better. Regg
  2. Sorry Valheru, that is a 1235 fps load not 1300 Regg
  3. Hi, I have a SBE I, I have been shooting skeet with it for 2 seasons. I reload a 1oz, 1300 fps load using hodgdon international powder. I like hodgdon international it is a clean burning powder. I have not had too much cycling problems except when gun is dirty. I have factory springs in gun, I think they are a little weaker than replacement aftermarket springs. I use all winchester AA hulls and winchester 209 primers. Go to hodgdon web page and get the exact receipe. http://www.hodgdon.com/data/shotshel/index.php If I have the limbsavor recoil pad on or the mercury recoil reduce
  4. The supernova and nova have a peculiar sound when you pump them (scraping sound maybe). I assume it is part of the design and function. Exactly what is making the sound. I am not saying it is bad, but it takes a little getting use to. Regg
  5. rdn


    The supernova and nova have a peculiar sound when you pump them (scraping sound maybe). I assume it is part of the design and function. Exactly what is making the sound. I am not saying it is bad, but it takes a little getting use to. Regg
  6. I agree with Tucker we are getting all excited about a possible future event (the mutation of this virus) that we do not know if it will ever happen. If it does happen rest assured you will know it within the first day they diagnose it, it will be big news. If it does happen you are more likely to get the mutated virus from people not wild birds. As the virus is now I think it is less of a threat to hunters then West Nile Virus was. I did not change my waterfowl hunting one bit for West Nile Virus and we had alot of virus in South Dakota. I do not remember any humen West Nile virus infect
  7. rdn


    Valheru I know what you mean. I don't have a good reason to buy it, but with all those features and that price I think I will. Good shooting, Regg
  8. rdn


    gio Did you notice if the shims and ergonomically shaped recoil pad were available for the supernova? Are those extras interchangable with the ones that are used on the SBEII. Oh congratulations, a new gun is a good feeling. Regg
  9. rdn


    Anyone seen or used supernova yet. Will it take that ergonomically shaped recoil pad. Looks like the ultimate waterfowling gun to me. Regg
  10. I had good luck with hevi-steel, a step up from steel in my experience. I agree with eveything good you say about hevi-shot, but the cost is too high for me. I liked hevi-steel on phesants in public shooting areas here in SD. Regg
  11. rdn


    The new features that interest me are the ComforTech system stock, and cast and drop shim system. It also (Do not know if it is new but) has the magazine lock so you can open action without dumping shell out of magazine. And it sounds like you can use the ergonomically shaped comforTech gel recoil pad on it. Lloyd go to http://www.benelliusa.com/ and hit new 2006 product tour and follow trail it should bring you to a nicely done video on the new supernova. Does anyone know how much money it would be to add shims and ergonomically shaped recoil pad to supernova?
  12. rdn

    SBE 1 Balance

    I shoot a sbe1. I have a mercury stock recoil reducer and a limbsavor recoil pad and it really takes the bit out of heavy goose loads. It shifted the balence point so barrel feels lighter but not to point it destracted me. I have the 28 inch barrel which may make a difference. Usually when I am shooting geese I have so many clothes on that balence is not my first concern but just getting gun shouldered correctly. When I am shooting clay games, doves, pheasants, or early ducks I use gun as came out of box and do not use either recoil reducing pad or mercury recoil reducer. I am all for r
  13. I assume hanging up means it is not cycling. When I have this problem a good cleaning has always solved the problem. The only time a cleaning won't do is if I am shooting light 7/8 oz loads, but with clean gun and 1 oz loads I have had no problems. I have original springs still in it, I hear some non benelli springs are stiffer. If I put mercery stock recoil reducer plus the limbsaver recoil pad on at same time skeet loads will not always cycle.
  14. rdn

    SBE Inertia Spring

    mudhen, I went to Wolff gun spring internet site but I could not find springs for SBE just super 90 series. What am I missing. Also I was wondering did you believe that benelli springs were weakening on you after a couple years of heavy use? rdn "No problem with the spring afterwards, but I replace all Benelli springs with Woffe springs after 2-3 seasons anyway." mudhen - CA [/QB]
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