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  1. Lares hybrid, Wadkins swamp bore hybrid,Ducklander short barrel, Woodie call and a Maurilio whistle .
  2. I totally disagree , woodies don't decoy well . However they will come in and take a look when called. I have killed tons of them over the years and they will respond to calling.
  3. fixed another benelli today ,,,thanks to Tucker301 and Mudhen,,kudosssssssssssssss to you guys ,,,without what i learned from ya'll they would still be fuc---------------ded up. my hat is off to to the both of you!!!!! this is 6 so far
  4. i looked at the shell rim and it seems more rounded than any other shells i compared it to. looks like the extractor may slip off. you guys look and see if you see the same thing as i am seeing.
  5. Did anybody have problems other than me? Like it just leaving the empty hull in the chamber.
  6. Anyone got a left hand gel pad for a SBE II they want to sell cheap ??
  7. Tucker , did benelli put locktite on the stock tube on the sbe ii as they did on the sbe? i noticed that on the sbeii it is not a 17 mm nut but will take a cresent wrench to remove it. it reason i am asking is will it need heat? i was in arkansas shooting both of my sbe's , shooting black clouds and it leaves a very nasty residue. thanks in advance !!!
  8. you guys are doing the right thing by heating the nut. make sure you are using a 17mm wrench. it will come off with a good bit of ass and a good amount of heat.
  9. i have had 3 benelli's changed by the local smith here and he only charged $5 for each one. so it is not worth the effort for me to do them myself.
  10. i have a sbe and sbe II . are the barrels and forearms interchangeable?
  11. any body have a left hand gel pad that they want to sell or trade for a sbeII ?
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