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  1. Snap off snap on. Thanks alot I'll relay the info.
  2. I have a buddy thats son shoots a Nova. Trying to find out how to change the recoil pad. Can't see the srew slits in the rubber like on most pads. So thinking it must come off a different way. The pad is hard as a rock and are wanting to install a Limbsaver pad on it. Thanks.
  3. Breakfree CLP won't hurt your camo finish....Breakfree is all I use too.
  4. Wow, I was looking at the damage to the phone books and found out my count wasn't right. The phone books both had 126 blue pages in the front before starting the yellow pages count. So the count went to BB's @ 1550 fps 391 pages of penetration. T's @ 1500 fps 526 pages of penetration.That's actually breaking paper, the bulges went another hundred pages or more) That's like shootin through a 1x4. Lead #5's @ 1350 fps penetrated the same as the BB's.....391 pages + or - a few pages. Oh the good ole lead copper 4's days......
  5. Lol, I don't know what a slammer is. I'd guess it's a stronger spring.... mag. or recoil? If it's recoil then it could be too stiff. And the old one could have been gummy or sticky causing the same effect. If it's a stiffer mag. spring I don't see it causing your problem unless it's putting too much tension on the end of your carrier latch, not letting it move.
  6. I've never shot black cloud, alot of people really like it. I wonder if you can get it in bulk pellets for reloading? I live on the prairie so we don't see any of those sea ducks (have killed a few Brants mixed in with our peeper Canadas though). I think in that open water I'd have to take me some 1550 or better BB's. 2's in the face and BB's up the butt. Yip I saw the doe, was that #4 steel up side the head? Nice! Anyone that criticized you don't know what they are talking about..... They don't know what kind of damage an overpopulated animal or bird can do. We hunt geese over winter wheat and get begged to come kill em off because they'll bear off the wheat to the ground and the cattle have nothing to graze, costing the farmer alot $ , and I have alot of friends that farm so access is pretty easy, still have to put on a many of mile scounting though. We hunt cranes too, what all waterfowl do you get to hunt?
  7. Hey Tucker, I know your into duck and goose hunting too. Thought I'de share some steel shot penetration imformation we've found. We shot new identical phone books taped to a 40 yard target. Not a page ruffled or out of place.( felt hard as a rock). BB's @ 1550 fps penetrated the cover and 265 pages. T's @ 1500 fps penetrated the cover and 400 pages. The devistation to the pages with T's was unreal. My benelli patterns T's pretty well so were gunna reload T's for geese. It's fun to be the last guy thumpin the getta way bird. We like our BB's for ducks. We hunt mostly over dry fields (winter wheat) so our shots are usually a little longer than some of the gimme ducks over water. Well I saw all your pics and wondered if you reload ( had any recipes). Good steel shot recipies are hard to come by. And thanks for helping the guys on here with their gun problems.
  8. It is on the inside of the reciever. It is the spring loaded plate that the button on the side works. It governs the shells coming out of the magazine and trips the carrier (elevator) to pop the shell up to the barrel.
  9. It might not be broke in yet. Shoot a bunch of heavy loads through it, but first clean and lube your recoil spring tube good. Thats where they get gummed up with old oil and dirt and ya can't see it. CLP BREAKFREE will make her cycle like a new one in the coldest of conditions.
  10. First, are you using light 2 3/4" loads? Have you tried cycling the 3 shells by hand? Because if your using heavy loads and the shells will cycle by hand, it is most likely in your recoil spring tube.The more gummed up your tube is, or dry, or cold, the heavier the shell it will take to make it cycle. I would take the bolt out of it and take your butt pad off,depress the recoil spring plunger with a pencil, and shoot some good cleaner down the tube a dozen times working the pencil in and out ( working the spring good).A 20 gauge felt swab on a clening rod will work good. There is a hole at the back end of the recoil tube that the dirt and cleaner will run out, so keep your gun straight up and down with the barrel end in the air and the butt on the floor. When the cleaner starts coming out of the stock clean (clear)looking, then oil lightly (the inside of the tube) good with clp breakfree. That ought to make your gun open and slam shut just like a new one. With only a 1000 rounds through it , it's not even broke in good, It's probably not a broken recoil spring unless you got a defective spring ( freak deal). Keep us updated.
  11. Does the bolt stay back? Or does it close without the new shell. Is the second shell staying in the mag. or laying on the elevator. If its short strokin it's most likely dirty or dry recoil spring..tube.
  12. Could you give more detail on what you filed or polished, and how? Thanks
  13. 3.5 steel is all we shoot. Both my benellis are sbe1. There is a noticeable difference in the one I put a limbsaver recoil pad on. Don't even notice a kick. The one that doesnt have a limbsaver on it you notice kick after a few days of 5 or 6 boxes of 3.5 's.
  14. It'll sludge or thicken in the cold. Go with breakfree clp
  15. Ya might grease the outside of the forearm real good......make it feel like a pump!
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