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  1. I added a slammer to mine, would that affect it any? It did it even before though.
  2. where is the carrier latch located?
  3. I have a SBE II that is 4 years old and I have been having a problem with it sticking shells when they come out of the feed tube to go into the chamber. They get about half way out and stick and that causes the action to stick open. So when i come up to shoot a bunch of ducks or geese I will only get 1 shot or sometimes 2. Doesnt always happen just occasionally. But thats is still to many times for me. I just put a new Sure Cycle Mag. tube spring in it. My 2 brother have the same guns but theres are 2 and 3 years old and they also do it. It will do it with a bunch of different shells to. From
  4. I have kept the rear spring in the butt stock clean. Sounds like the tube spring. Wear do I get a new one? From Benelli or is there a good aftermarket?
  5. I have a Black Eagle II I have had bout 4 years now, maybe longer, can't remeber, and last weekend it was sticking shells bad!! I keep it clean all the time and I happened to clean in Sat. night and it was jammin Sunday morning on a duck hunt. Were it is sticking is when I shoot the 1st round and sometimes the 2nd when the shell is coming out of the shell tube it gets about three quarters out and hangs up. I was shooting a new shell by Hevi-shot called Heavier than Steel. Usually I run just cheap Winchester Xperts and it will still stick these but not near as bad as it did Sunday. Three
  6. I have a Black Gold. This year I killed a turkey at 70 steps. And that is no LIE!!! My brother has a Jelly Head from Primos and he killed one 63 steps this year. Both were shot with Winchester #6's Extended Range. The $35.00 a box for 10 shells!!!
  7. I have a SBE II that I am wanting to get pistol style butt stock for it and I was wondering where I can get one.
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