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  1. I need parts, and some armorer work on the SBE. It is getting old and tired, will not load 3 shells without jamming and not locking into battery. Greased it up instead of oil, actually got 40 rounds off before it started to jam again. I would like to start with a new recoil spring and such but cannot find parts for the early models under 187000 ser # range.
  2. Riss

    Spring length?

    Just got an extension for the SBE. They said 10' to 16" of free uncompressed length beyond the mag tube with the cap off and the spring inserted.
  3. The bolt goes all the way back and will eject the top shell if it did not eject, but it usually stops 1/4" short and does not let the 2nd shell eject onto the elevator. With a little pull of the bolt handle the 2nd shell drops down and then loads when the bolt handle is released. I checked everything inside the receiver and the receiver rails too and there are no burrs, no dings, no excesive wear. I will try to find the directions and tear out the recoil spring next. If that does not do it I do not know where to turn to next.
  4. The bolt stays back, but does not go back far enough to allow the next shell to be ejected from the magazine tube. When it first started, the bolt was not even going back far enough to eject the fired case. Cleaned and tore down the bolt and trigger group, it is better that the bolt goes back, but still not far enough to load the second shell. The recoil spring seems to be clean enough. It does cycle easily with a pencil and does not appear to have any dirt in it. If the recoil spring tube needs to come apart I will need some quick directions on how to take it apart.
  5. I had the trigger group torn down. I did not take the trigger out, but did take out the hammer, spring and the elevator and carrier release. I have cycled it many times and cannot feel anything that would seem out of place. I checked the receiver and trigger group for any faults. Ran it all through my fingers and looked at it with a bore light and it all looks well. I also depressed the recoil spring and it feels smooth with no noticeable dirt inside the spring tube.
  6. It is not totally broke, it will fire 1 shot and the bolt will not go all of the way back to release the carrier and load the second shell. I am using the same loads and otherwise have not changed a thing before it started to short cycle. I had the bolt and trigger group apart and cleaned them well. I also did not see anything wrong inside the receiver. The only thing that I did not tear apart is the recoil spring tube. Since the gun has only 1000 rounds through it I did not see it as necessary. Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be wrong with it ? Any assistance would be appreciated.
  7. If anyone has seen a M1 Super 90 14 " entry gun around I would be interested. I figure if you can find a M4 the M1 S90 should not be a problem.
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