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  1. I cut the spring down to 23. I could put 6 +1 with 3" shells
  2. What size shell and how many?
  3. The m2 full length tube is 9inches. How long is the full lenght tube on a m4? This is my rational. The stock m2 tube is 4 inches with a 19inch spring. The variance is 15 inches I am wondering if the full length tube is 9inches plus 15 inches(variance) would the appropriate spring length sit at 24 inches. What do you guys think. This number however falls short based on TK's comments. I will measure the spring tonight. I hope its at least 35 inches.
  4. This question is regarding an 18inch length M2 tactical. How long should the spring be for those who have a full length tube. I assume this can be applicable to the m4 as well. I think my spring is too long and I need to cut it, so what its the proper size? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  5. CCWinDC?


    Wow.. That is a some serious detailing. nice.
  6. All, I have been waiting for the otis kit to go one sale. Here it is at MIDWAYUSA. This is for the shotty, hand gun, or rifle. I picked up one yesterday. The sale ends on 3/30. Normally they sell for a 99+ of fleabay maybe shipping inlcuded. www.midwayusa.com/viewproduct/?productnumber=666881
  7. One of your ducks is fading ! :-)lol
  8. Very nice holster I very much enjoy it ! http://www.gouldusa.com/products/productLine_home.php?line=gold
  9. Kip, Is there any remote chance for some goodies for the M2 folks. Perhaps a bolt knob to start?
  10. It would be great if you could see both bags to compare. I have not touched the voodoo in real life but I have seen and felt the quality of the 5.11. Does anyone have both bags?
  11. I as well favor the 5.11. The bag is very nice and sturdy as heck. I wish the 5.11 was as priced as the voodoo. La police gear had a good price on the 36' smaller bag. I was able to score the bag pack double rifle bag for about 145.00 shipped. It came with two clip pouches as well.
  12. Funny This topics arises. I purchased a full lenght tube for my M2 on GB. I can only hope its actually a Benelli. I as well could have purchased one of the many other brands and probaly would if I had to do it a second time as there appears no way to confirm authenticy. None the less its looks great. dxd
  13. No verified addreess, no completed sale , I cant tell if this is his first sale.
  14. For many of us in the cali like states. The PG is not an option so in the name of your fellow nelli holders. GET THE GRIP!
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