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  1. hoser45

    m4 stock

    Nice! Just curious, what LOP did you make it without pad?
  2. hoser45

    m4 stock

    I'm getting someone to do it for me. Before I even bother, thought I'd pick some experienced members. I don't trust myself to do it! I'm only looking at taking off about an inch or inch and a half.
  3. hoser45

    m4 stock

    Do you happen to know where the bottom of the recoil tube ends? I've heard it's 2". Sound right?
  4. hoser45

    m4 stock

    So a M4 standard or pistol grip stock can be shortened up to 2" max?
  5. Looks like it just attaches to the stock top rail. Cool.
  6. Yeah, I already posted a WTB ad!
  7. Don't know...how much do these typically go for?
  8. Still looking for a OEM standard stock for an M4!
  9. What do you guys think of the Benelli OEM "standard stock" (non-pistol grip)?
  10. Anyone try one of these yet? Does the 12.5" lop include the end of the recoil pad? I'm not leo and don't wear armor, and the 12.5: seems a bit short. I just need something around 13" or 13.5" because of my stocky build and short arms! Would I be better off just shortening a factory standard stock?
  11. Holy cow...how confusing! I'm planning on only the following: 1. Full length mag tube 2. Charging handle change (maybe GGG) 3. Short LOP butt stock (either modify a stock Benelli standard stock or buy a Mesa version) 4. Add a light mount and light somewhere, somehow 5. Extended Bolt/Carrier Release Button (maybe GGG) Is that too many modifications?! I picked up an M1014 on spur of moment and don't want this to turn into a legal discussion. Am I okay with these 5 mods?
  12. hoping to toss out the bait. let me know if you hear or see any. gunbroker doesn't right now.
  13. NICE! I like that top part, but like the stock forend for the M4. Is that top rail with the light attached a separate piece?
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