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  1. My 870 loaded with some dimes
  2. I know the list price. But what is the tactical m4 h2o selling for at the shop."?. I want to get one!
  3. Yep, the sbs with 14" barrel. I ordered one about 2 months ago. Then it is just waiting on the paperwork.
  4. I got an email that this shotgun is in stock. I bought one from a different dealer. I know these are hard to come by. 14 barrel collapable stock M4. for sale for $1590.00 Just wanted to pass this one if anyone was interested Here is the link http://sgcusa.com/product_info.php?products_id=2452
  5. I would sell these for market value. That value seems to be $700-800. Consumers dictate that price.
  6. I ordered a M4 SBS with the 14 inch barrel and the collapsible stock. However, the gun dealer called the other day to tell me the collapsible stock version is on a long back order. According to the Benelli rep they are going to ship a pistol grip version to my class 3 dealer. Then the rep they will then send me a collapisible stock when they are available from their current back order. My question is: Will it be LEGAL for me to attach this collapsible stock to this weapon when it comes in? Thanks Al
  7. Just ordered a Benelli 11724 M4 Entry 14" with 3 position stock. Was told it will will take up to six months to get in. Then, another few months with $200.00 ATF form. How long has the average wait time been to get this gun from benelli? Thanks Al
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