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  1. Remy

    GG&G Bolt Handles

    As a side question.........does anyone make an oversized bolt handle for the SBE I / SBE II??? I would like something like that Progressive model for my SBE. T.J.
  2. Without the slightest doubt.........The SBE or as some call it, the SBE I. Slap an aftermarket recoil pad on it, such as the X-Coil or the Limbsaver and it recoils like the SBE II. Plus it does not have the donkey-di*k trigger guard that the SBE II has.
  3. I own a Black SBE (and love it) but I wouldn't own a camo one if you gave it to me......well MAYBE if you gave if to me!!
  4. I would suggest one of the following: 1) Peltor H10A with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 29 which is excellent. 2) Howard Leight LM-777 with a NRR of 31, again an excellent rating.
  5. The sfocks are not interchangeable on the two guns.....the triggerguards fit into the stocks differently. The SBE II forend will work with the SBE I barrel without modification. THe SBE I forend will work with the SBE II barrel, BUT, it must be slightly modified to do so. The last I heard, Benelli USA will do the modification for you if you send it to them. There may be some gunsmiths locally that will also do that modification.
  6. Let us know what that bird tastes like when you get a chance to eat them. I have also heard that they are quite tasty!
  7. In most cases (particularly with a long receiver gun like a Super Black Eagle), I believe a 26" barrel is always the way to go. If you stand an SBE with a 26" barrel next to many other popular semi-autos and pumps with 28" barrels.....they are about the same overall length.
  8. In my opinion....... a black gun is more desireable for several reasons.......but that is just what I think!
  9. Yes......the SBE II barrel will definitely fit on the SBE gun. I have one and have used it on my SBE. To make it work properly, you must either use a SBE II forearm when you are using the SBE II barrel or you can send a SBE I forearm to Benelli and they will modify it to work with the SBE II barrel. In my case, I purchased a SBE II forearm which I use on the SBE I when I use the type II barrel. Hope this helps. If you have any more questions.....let me know.
  10. GREAT NEWS!! I saw this article on an NRA website. If everything comes together, this fall looks to be a very good waterfowl season! http://www.theleafchronicle.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2007707220370
  11. I bought a new SBE 1 about one and one-half years ago. So far it has been a great gun. I just don't understand why Benelli is letting this barrel problem get out of hand like it appears to be. There is just no excuse for letting an on-going problem like this continue. It WILL EVENTUALLY BITE THEM IN THE BUTT.......BIG TIME !!! People start to get uneasy about spending $1200-$1400 on a new gun, when they hear a lot of bad vibes coming from current Benelli owners. It just does not seem like rocket science for the oldest firearms company in the world (Beretta), to build a quality barrel for a "top tier" item like their Benelli shotgun!
  12. What a great way to start the summer off. It's great to hear about two kids that have it together and are in charge of their lives!! Congratulations, Scott!!!
  13. Great looking job-----but------how come they did not do the triggerguard and that area???
  14. Thank you for taking the initiative to post that petition. We all need to do our part in this matter. Thanks BEAR ICE!!
  15. I have a Hiviz XCOIL pad on my SBE 1. I have also tried a Limbsaver pad on the same gun. In my opinion the XCOIL is superior to the Limbsaver. Bottom line-----------get an XCOIL ! I bought mine at Sportsman's Whse. I think they also have them at Cabela's. Also availble at their web site-------- http://www.hivizsights.com P.S.----the XCOIL is a "prefit" on the SBE 1, I don't know if they make one for the SBE II.
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