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  1. I have an M2 last years comfortech model. read the manual. About cleaning before you shoot and the break in period. I shot 100 rounds of heavy game loads . then target loads after that . No problems. Not sure what you mean about adding weight> good luck
  2. Not sure what to say aboutthis Obama video but in the first third I found the stuff about the Flag,national them and the cuban flag very distrurbing
  3. This may be a dumb question but you are buying a shotgun They are usually load and why is muzzle blast a concern. I have a supersport and loveit. I bought a M2 for the field
  4. SBE shoots 3.5 inch shell sthe m2 only shoots 3 inche shells. I think the receiver is removable on the sbe and not on the m2. I have a m2 and like it. Depneds on what kind of hunting you do. .
  5. From Your manual Dude "due to precision machine tolerances on your shotgun, some breaking-in period may be required before your new gun works perfectly with light target loads. If you experience any initial functioning problems, we recommended firing three or four boxes of standard hunting loads to allow for this break in period' Typical trap loads from Remington. Index No. Gauge Shell Length Powder Dr. Eq. Velocity (fps) Oz. of Shot Shot Sizes Gun Club™ Target Loads DRAM FPS load GC121 12 2 3/4" 2 3/4 1185
  6. sorry 28" excellent condition thanks
  7. about three years old camo with comfortech all originalchokes case and manuals Thanks
  8. slsail


    Is therea diffrence between Briley Chokes and ny shokes thatcame with my SuperSport/ thanks
  9. Agree with tucker . I have had this issue. If you ease the bolt forward of have a bad shell that does not allow the bolt to close completely the pin will not hit the primer
  10. "hey i just got an m2 field " Doesn't the manual say shoot some heavier loads first - after throughly cleaning the gun. here we go again. I might add it is a hunting gun designed to shoot heavier loads not 7/8 trap loads
  11. A poorly ized snap cap will no tfeed into the barrel properly. I had this issue with reloads and cheap ammo. The double loading may just be user erroe.Take it to the range and put some live ammo through it
  12. I am glad someone else got the bad benellis. Mine is great no rust cycle great but i do maintain it and follow recomendations in the manual
  13. Buy one , I have one. Would buy another. great handling gun.fast and reliabale. Remember when you buy a benelli clean it before you shoot it and shoot the recommended loads for braek in.
  14. thanks for tips. makes sense
  15. unfortunatly for you and Benlli repsthey are probaly notprivy to what id going on in engineering or manufacturing., especially in the overseas plant. Should they have known --MAybe I know in my company unlessthey are really sharpand connected they wouldnot have known thosedetails CAn we move on now
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