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  1. Will a M2 SteadyGrip stock fit and SBE1? I know it has probably been asked before, but couldn't find it anywhere during searching past posts of site. Thanks!
  2. watched it again today and will be back for more.
  3. It was on Outdoor Channel today. Wasn't listed, came on when an infomercial was scheduled. Great surprise. Seems like it is gonna be a good series.
  4. They don't make one that I am aware of. I just went and bought the 20ga. because I like it too. Used the wife needing a duck gun for an excuse, but I use it more than her.
  5. No short-stroking going on here. I shoot a supermag regularly. The problem lies at the begining of the cycle when the forearm first contacts the reciever. When I go to pull the forearm it raises ever so slightly enough to contact the reciever.
  6. I have cleaned it very well. And it does cycle efficiently, just seems to catch a little. It appears the pump is contacting the reciever at just the right angle to drag a little. The forearm has just enough vertical movement when stroking to cause contact. Not really a huge deal, but can be distracting on doubles. Just not at smooth as most pump guns I've used int the past (primarily 870s). I have a student with a SNova that practically cycles itself, and it has the same vertical slop to the forearm. It is a backup to my M2. Just a little distracting when shooting clays yesterday.
  7. I have a Nova 28" Max-4 HD and I have had issues with the pump binding up when cycled. It is fairly new, as I got her in a trade not sure exactly how many rounds it has cycled. It appears not many. Is this just a wear-in issue? Or are there bigger issues? Any fixes suggestions?
  8. I have for sale a Foiles Strait Meat Mallard call and a Strait Meat Honker. Both are Orange Pearl in color. Both are 9.5/10. SMM-$100 SMH-$125. Can e-mail pics. Shipping included. Thanks for looking.
  9. Called the Benelli click. Happens when the bolt is pulled back slightly. Nothing wrong with your gun. Just something you have to get used to checking. Lots of posts on here about the same issue. Happens to all of us.
  10. Teens are rare. Twenties are common. Thirties are normal. But it usually the humidity mixed with cold that gives us problems. Wet cold.
  11. Just converted to Foiles. SMM and SMH in Chartreuse Pearl. Have tried most of the production polycarbs on the market: primos, rnt, dc. All were okay to learn on, but I have no regrets bout stepping up.
  12. I bought my wife an M2 20ga with comfortech. I replaced the but pad with the thin one (100.00:(). She really likes it and I must admit I like shooting it as well. It is light and points exceptionally well. She is 5 4.
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