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  1. you asked good or bad well, it is the one thing I suggest to change on the Benelli. So I would say great.
  2. I wish Benelli would come out with a 10 gauge auto...
  3. 185 plus 20 return shipping and you have to pay about 20 to ship it to them http://www.bellandcarlson.com/ click on creative effects system on the LH side and then scroll down and click on price list
  4. I have great luck with FP-10 my gun did not like CLP in cold weather
  5. I have had great luck with the Cabela Ultimates
  6. after season I sent my SBE off to get it dipped in Natural Gear by Bell & Carlson. I was going to send it to Derek as I had seen his work but didn't have his info at the time and I got antsy to send it off. It took right about 4 weeks to get it back and they did a great job. I have been talking about getting it dipped for a long time and I am glad I did.
  7. I don't use Breakfree CLP I use FP-10
  8. I have been wanting to see if the round bolt handle from a M1 or M4 would fit in the SBE. I have been thinking about changing mine out and go to a round bolt handle. Anyone know if they are interchangeable?
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