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  1. Rubber band around the receiver? It ain't pretty but it gets the job done.
  2. Has anyone had an opportunity to compare this to an M2 Field side-by-side? I'm curious about the difference in the ComforTech and ComforTech2. Anyone taking bets on how long it will be before the M2 in 12 gauge is discontinued?
  3. Don't forget - you can shim the SuperNova to fit just like the autoloaders. If the Nova fits you, you're set, but they never fit me right. I've got my SuperNova dialed in with the "C" shim I think it is, and I'm shooting better than ever. Happy Hunting!
  4. I used a Remington 870 Express for about three years, loved it, but it started screwing up on 3" loads. Sometimes it would eject the spent shell and fail to grab the next one from the magazine. Sometimes it would fail to eject the spent shell and grab another one from the magazine and try to stuff both. Or it would just put the spent shell back in the chamber and leave me wondering what happened. I took it to a gun smith about three times before the manager apologized for wasting my time and replaced basically everything but the stock and barrel. Worked great for another three years, and
  5. No sweeter sound! Congrats, and best of luck.
  6. Valheru


    I'm with the Big Bird, pattern pattern pattern. I've found better patterns with ElCheapo Xpert shot than the Drylok stuff. Remington's pattern terribly for me, but not as bad as Federal. Every gun will have it's favorite. Every gun will have a load that it just doesn't throw worth a dang.
  7. I've been doing a lot of trap and skeet sheeting for four years now, and I'd go with an O/U if I had the cash to get one. No offense Tucker, but I'm sick and tired of cleaning my wife's gas operated gun. As my buddy says of gas operation, every time you pull the trigger the thing S**** on itself. I'm lazy and I'll admit it, the O/U is easier to clean than the SBEII. If you're reloading your own shells, it's a lot easier to get your hulls back rather than using a shell catcher or running around looking for them later. Sounds petty, but some of the Sporting Clays courses I've shot a
  8. My buddy has one and loves it. It's just enough light for setting up decoys and such, he was wearing it a few weeks ago when he shot his first turkey. I prefer my Energizer headlamp where I have two white lights, or a single red one. It's a lot brighter, longer range, etc. There's about two cents worth. Happy Hunting!
  9. Thanks Regg, I'll give it a shot! [ 04-17-2006, 08:19 AM: Message edited by: Valheru ]
  10. Hello all, Will a ComforTech stock fit a Super Black Eagle? Thanks
  11. Valheru


    Yeah - the updated web site and the '06 catalog indicate that the ergo gel pads are compatible. I've told my buddies (who are packing SBE's) that I'd buy a Nova if only I could shim it like their autos. Can't wait to get one!
  12. Hey all, I'm shooting a Rem 870 ('till I get my SuperNova!) and have had great patterns with a load of Win209 primer, 22.5gr Universal, Claybuster White 8 wad, and 1.125oz #7.5 or #8 shot in a Rem/Peters hull. Unfortunately, this doesn't work at all for my dad and his SBE, or another buddy with a SportII. I've just started reloading a month ago and I am wondering if anyone has a few suggestions for loads to try for my dad. Mostly we're doing Sporting Clays and Trap, with Skeet once in a while. Anyone? Anything?
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