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  1. Hi. Can you send me some pics of your barrel?How old is it? I have a like new 28 on my Super Nova. I am not sure of what are the advantages or disadvantages of the extra two inches , but I think I would like a shorter one for aesthetics! Ciao. Gio.
  2. Well i cant send private messages, but where are you located in Florida?

  3. Hi. Do you still have the 24 inch Nova barrel for trade with a 28 one? I live in the Orlando area and I will trade with you. The 28 on my Black Super Nova is practically new , less than 300 rounds on it. How old is yours? Let me know. Thanks. Gio.
  4. I love my SuperNova. But......I really wish I had a shorter 18/20 inches "tactical like" barrel for it. Anybody has one to sell for less than the price of a all new gun?????????? Thanks. Gio.
  5. gio

    Trade Barrel?

    Since is so hard to find and is so expensive to buy a new Benelli barrel. Would anybody here maybe like to trade my practically new, 20 shots, 28" Super Nova barrel for a shorter one? Thanks. Gio in Orlando.
  6. gio

    Supernova barrel?

    I wish I could help you! I own the same gun. I have been looking for a shorter barrel for long time. Not found one yet. There is not a big market for Benelli unfortunately, not like my old Mossberg! Good luck. Gio.
  7. gio

    Super Nova Maintenance

    Thanks tucker. That looks like it would work.
  8. Hi guys. I have a Super Nova with a +3 factory mag extension and I am now faced with a little problem. After installing the extension my barrel is not easy to remove anymore. Is there a easy way to clean it without taking it out? Thanks. Gio.
  9. Thanks TR. Thanks RED. I appreciate your help. Happy and safe shooting. Gio.
  10. Nobody?????????????????? Ho well.
  11. Hi guys. Can you give my a little bit of help? I just got my +2 mag extension for my Super Nova and I did install it. But was not a very easy task , that long spring kept trying to escape from the mag. Is there a easy way to do that? Thanks. [ 04-16-2006, 08:50 PM: Message edited by: gio ]
  12. Yes they are. Unfortunately are not easy to find, unless you want pay 2-3 hundred $ for them.
  13. Mine is just the basic black with a 28" barrel and is not.
  14. Well! I see those on Ebay and I wonder also about quality and fit. I guess nobody here knows anything about them. I may have to buy one and I let you know.
  15. gio

    Supernova question

    The mag extension and barrels are interchangeable according to Benelli service dpt. I don't know about the side saddle.
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