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  1. First year of hunting and you haven't started practicing yet?? Anyway, the easiest calls to use for a beginner are friction calls in my opinion. I would recommend a push button yelper or an inexpensive slate call. The pushbutton yelper can sometimes be mounted onto the forearm of your shotgun so that you can minimize movement when a turkey is out in front of you. If you should decide to go with a slate call, make sure to get SLATE. The glass calls and titanium calls can be difficult to use for a first timer because they can be finicky to striker angle and pressure. You should sit aga
  2. Southpaw


    As far as the shells go, you will have to try a few different brands and decide which ones pattern the best in your gun with your specific choke. I like the Remington Premier Hevi-Shot loads in 3.5" With the .655 Terror tube you can literally get 100% of the pellets in a 25" circle at 40 yards with 6 shot.
  3. The Terror chokes are multipurpose. They will work fine with lead, hevi, steel, tungsten, etc.
  4. Four Rivers huh. Excellent hunting. I went to college in Warrensburg and we hunted Montrose and Grand Pass all of the time. Grand Pass definately holds the most ducks, but it also holds the most hunters. I would take a nice quiet day at Ralph and Martha Perry CA any day. By the way Tank, learn the feed call, blow the hail, use everything that you have to get the ducks down. Don't get me wrong, I love to sit in the blind or right in the marsh, but I also love to have to ducks and geese right in my face and don't want to have to wait all day for the opportunity. I try to be as r
  5. 2 1/2" shells? The SBE2 is the ONLY shotgun that you need. I'm lucky enough that mine will cycle 1 oz. shells and with the 28" barrel it makes for a great dove/quail gun. The 3 1/2" payload is excellent for long range Canadians or turkeys. I find that the 3 1/2 shells aren't necessary for most situations, but during spring turkey season there isn't anything else that I would put in my gun.
  6. Get ahold of Terror/Wad Wizard and order yourself a .675. If you want to kill turkeys or snows from a long way off you can order the .655 but at $75 apiece they're a little pricey.
  7. Southpaw

    Give em' 4??

    Thanks Tucker. Warranty voided I assume. I won't be complaining about the Max-4 finish at this time
  8. Southpaw

    Give em' 4??

    I do a lot of spring snow goose hunting in MO and would like to have that extra shell in the carrier. Could you please explain this mod. All help appreciated.
  9. Got mine for $1280. Left-Handed, Max-4, the works. You must have had to have it.
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