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  1. Well I ended up getting the Nova. Actually my wife bought it for me for my anniversary. I just got it so I have been able to take it out yet. I can't wait for saturday.
  2. Recoil does not bother me. I am a recoil junkie. I have a NEF pardner with a three in. chamber and no recoil pad. I swear the gun weighs 2 lbs. I will shoot 3in 00 buck mags till my fingers tingle. Recoil just makes a man outta ya. I care about durability and performance. I am sure now, I will get that from the Nova. That is settled I will get one this week.
  3. That is what I thought. I am going to pick mine up next week when the tax return comes in. I was severely disappointed by the Rem. 870 I just sold. I am hoping this will be what I am looking for. So far so good.
  4. [/qb]Some "salesman". That's a moronic statement at best. Find a dealer who knows his product. [/QB] I figured he was. It has just got me thinking about how much abuse will the Nova take. I take good care of my firearms. This will be my primary hunting wepon for birds and such and I just want to make sure this is something that can stand up to the abuse. I have heard of Benelli and know full well who they are, I just have never talked to anyone that owns one. My buddies are all about Beretta
  5. I went to look at the Nova and The salesman siad after 300 rounds his blew up on him. What kind of endurance do you guys get out of yours
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