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  1. Mudhen, Thank you for your your response and info. Thanx
  2. Thanks mudhen I appreciate your field tested and proven advice. Just one last annoying question as it is easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of information coming at you these days. What about the new Federal high density loadings with the flite control system. Did you ever try them or is this brand pretty similar to the others. I know this is parsing hairs as I killed a tom this month with a load of #5 HS. He was deader than dead and would have wound up the same at 30 yds with just about any turkey load at that range. Again, I'm sorry to annoy you w/ this minutia, but
  3. I used a Cabel's HS choke .670 w/ 31/2 #5s in my nova on a nice tom at 30 yds recently. He didn't know what hit. I intend to pattern some of the premier chokes, but so far I was content w/ what I got from a $29.00 except that it rusted in the threads from rain. I am very pleased with the hevi shot, not messy and worked more than fine. This past season I was duck hunting w/ guys that were using HS and I didn't know it at the time, nor did they tell, but I can say they had some reach out and touch. for duck I rather wait for the shot than pay the price.
  4. Mudhen are you shooting 31/2" or 3" shells out of your SBEII, and why #6's are they heavy enough, and what about 5's? I am just curious, obviously your set up kill, but I'm a fairly new addict to turkey humting. One last question if you don't mind. Does this high density stuff scratch the barrel of your SBEII. I was using my nova for the heavy stuff since I was Afraid it might score the barrel.
  5. I have the nova with 24" barrel and the cabela's hevi-shot choke tube. It worked well on a nice tom. However, the carbon steel of that choke tube rusted somewhat in the threads of the barrel. I have never had that happen with any other choke. My reason for buying a Benelli is not to skimp. I also have a SBEII which love, but the nova is my dedicated turkey gun. Next year I will spend the $85.00 and buy a rhino or high quality choke.
  6. I am also shooting an SBEII. The Win Ext. #6 shells are they 3" or 31/2", or does it matter. What about #5 shot or does it matter? How does it compare to Hevi-shot loads? Sorry to bother with these annoying questions.
  7. I never thought I would ever pay that much for a shotgun, but my old shotgun went down and someone lent me their SBEII for a round of sporting clays. Well, I really liked it. Besides he was the owner of my local gunshop (smartmove). Anyway, I spent the $1,200.00 and I absolutely love the gun. I dragged this thing through the mud snow and salt of the saltmarsh this past winter for ducks and geese. It was awesome. What a workhorse! Everyone wanted to try it since I shoot it so well. Part of the reason is the gun fits me perfectly. And to boot, I traded up and picked a 20 gau
  8. I was wondering if Hevishot or similar loads will scratch or score the barrel of my SBEII, and what chokes and loads do you guys recommend. Also, do you have to use crio chokes only for the SBEII. PS- I love this gun! That is why I don't want to mar it in anyway. It was awesome on the waterfowl this past year.
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